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Why Anime DVDs Are Better Than Anime Downloads

Why Anime DVDs Are Better Than Anime Downloads

Anime which is short for Japanese Animation has captivated audiences across the globe. Many fans experience anime through manga books, movies, video games, and countless Anime Conventions held worldwide. This is evidence enough that this genre shows no signs of slowing down. Most fans make anime apart of their collection through purchasing anime DVDs however anime downloads are on the rise. Why would anyone resist downloading some of their beloved anime shows? It is faster, more efficient, free, and with the click of a button, people will be watching their favorite anime in no time right? Think again. There are several reasons why people should be skeptical when approaching sites that offer free anime downloads. The purpose of this article is to explore those reasons and show why owning an Anime DVD is a better choice than Anime Downloads.

The first and most serious problem when downloading anime from free websites is that it exposes the computer to viruses, adware, and spyware. All these programs do great harm if the computer becomes infected. As a result personal information is compromised. Adding further to the frustration, the irritation of multiple pop-up ads causes a significant reduction in the computer’s performance and speed. Perhaps the scariest thing of all is that once these malicious files are on the computer it may be difficult to impossible to remove them. Three other issues that can occur with free anime downloading are poor picture quality, incomplete downloads, and bad translations.

I am sure we are all in agreement that quality is everything when watching our favorite anime shows. No one wants to be stuck with a picture that is out of focus or a watermark image obscuring the view throughout the entire episode. Unfortunately most of these free sites offer just that. If poor image quality was not enough to endure, most of the time fans cannot even view the full episode because the download does not contain the complete version. Plus the translations and subtitles are more than likely inaccurate. What good is the anime if you cannot even understand what they are saying? All of these factors lead up to a complete waste of the consumer’s time. With paid sites, one may be able to avoid some of these problems but not all paid sites are genuine and must be approached with caution. With all of this in mind, why pay for a download site, when you can purchase an anime DVD and get all the awesome features associated with it?

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One reason owning an anime DVD is better than downloading is that it is tangible making it the perfect addition to one’s anime collection. More importantly an anime DVD offers special features that go behind the scenes and explore the making of the anime. The commentary feature presents in depth knowledge from the director as well as voice actors giving the anime enthusiast the vision and concepts behind their favorite show. Last but not least the amazing gallery of art work that can be viewed is reason alone to own a DVD over downloading.

In Conclusion, purchasing a legitimate anime DVD gives the consumer a sense of satisfaction because they have invested in good quality. The consumer gains not only a collector’s item but a better choice compared to potentially harmful downloads that only take up storage space on the hard drive.

Make your favorite Anime DVDs a part of your collection today. Don’t miss the opportunity to take home the latest release or some of your favorite classics. Go to your nearest anime store today.