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Centurion Review

Centurion Review

The Ninth Legion marches north through Britain with orders to take out the savage Pict forces. As the soldiers make their way behind enemy lines, they are ambushed by the very people they were sent to exterminate. After the ambush the few survivors of the legion must head further into enemy territory to escape being hunted by the enemy forces and rescue their General, captured by the Picts during the ambush.

Starring Michael Fassbender, who played Hicox in Inglorious Bastards and will star as Magneto in the upcoming X-Men: First Class. I believe he is an excellent upcoming actor. Olga Kurylenko, a Ukrainian actress who stared in Quantum of Solace as one of the famed Bond Girls, also has a starring role in Centurion. Kurylenko adds sex appeal to the slaughter, making murder look almost sexy.

Fassbender plays Quintus Dias, a centurion leading the Roman survivors through the British wilderness, who is left in charge after the capture of the Ninth Legion’s general. Quintus must keep his men alive and rescue their general before making their way back to the Roman line. The small Roman band is being chased by a group of Picts, lead by the beautiful warrior woman Etain(pllayed by Kurylenko.) Etain has a deep childhood hatred for everything Roman and will stop at nothing to see the soldiers dead.

As I watched, I was drawn in by the action. The special effects were not great but everything had amazing realism. From the beautiful scenery of the sets to the amazing fight scenes, that definitely don’t skip the blood and gore, I was captivated by the way it all came together to form an interesting and entertaining storyline.

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The only negative aspect of this movie was the slight inaccuracy of the historical facts involving the leadership and politics in the year A.D. 117, but this is only a slight draw back to those who know more than average about Roman culture and is easily overlooked.

With a number of epic battles, that easily compare to Gladiator and 300, and an original story that keeps the viewer interested but more importantly entertained, Centurion is a must see film.