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Magicians in Movies Always Keep Us Interested

Magicians in Movies Always Keep Us Interested

In the magic movie Excalibur, the king was mortally wounded because he lost his grip to the sword. The sword was what the knights wanted to take. Before he dies the king drives Excalibur into a stone. Try as they might the knights cannot extract the sword from the stone. Years later, the boy taken by Merlin the Magician, now a teenager, tries his hand and removing the sword. He does so and is proclaimed the chosen one, he who is destined to be king of Britain. Arthur grows up as King of Britain with Merlin the Magician by his side.

His kingdom reaches a pinnacle and then betrayal, jealousy, and doubt infiltrate and almost destroy Arthur and his rule. But end the end Merlin with his magic helps restore Arthur to a place of renown. There have been many who argue that King Arthur actually existed. There are many who say he was but a myth, a legend like Paul Bunyan.

But movies about magic are real in the sense that they entertain and help us leave our reality behind if only for a few hours at a time. I am not a proponent of magic. But when I can see it in a movie and it is part of the plot, then I can suspend my opinion for a few hours at least and allow myself to be carried away by the fantasy, by movies about magic. This is what drives us to live the world of surreal for about two hours and just enjoy the moment. Movies about magicians like Merlin are so intriguing as kids but then when you become an adult you look forward to them even more because the kid inside us all never dies.

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