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New Australian Adventure Movie Sure To Please Teen Audiences

New Australian Adventure Movie Sure To Please Teen Audiences

Tomorrow When The War Began movie has just been released in Australia, It is a movie based on the first book in a series by John Marsden, a well known Australian author. It was adapted for the screen by screen writer Stuart Beattie, who has also directed the movie; his debut as director.

It stars a number of well known Australian actors including Caitlin Stasey of Neighbours fame who plays the film’s protagonist, Ellie Linton; and Lincoln Lewis of Home and Away fame who plays Homer. Ellie asks seven of her friends to join her on a camping trip into the remote, pristine bushland area the locals call “Hell”.

Six of them; her best friend Corrie and her boyfriend Kevin; her next door neighbour Homer; and friends from school; Fiona, Lee, Robyn can go. Chris’s parents are away overseas so he has to stay at home and house-sit.

While the group of teens are away, they notice a convoy of planes flying overhead, but think nothing of it as their rural township of Wirrawee is celebrating their annual Commemorative Day, so they assume the fly-over has something to do with the celebrations. Little do they realise what is happening back in town.

When they return from their trip, they find the streets are deserted and their homes are abandoned. Animals are dying and food is going off. Not sure what to make of it all, the group decide to wait until nightfall and go into town and investigate.

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Once there, they see stores being looted by enemy soldiers and their families being held captive by an unknown enemy force. They realize that their town has been invaded by an enemy force. After much consideration they decide they are not going to stand helplessly by and watch their town get taken over; they choose to fight for their families and the town’s freedom, so form their own guerrilla militia.

The story goes on to show how the teens cope with the huge responsibility that has been thrust on their shoulders, with lots of action and adventure and romance thrown in to boot.