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Avatar the Movie – What is Its Message?

Avatar the Movie – What is Its Message?

Avatar was an incredible fantasy about an amazing reality. I saw the movie Avatar last night. I had heard so many things about it, from many people. But when I saw it, it was amazingly different than I had imagined. The reason for that I believe is that the message in the movie was so subtle, it allowed each one of us to interpret it depending on where we are on our journey of evolution.

The movie is spiritual. It is a thriller. It is an action movie, a violent movie and it is a fairy tale. And it is ingenious and magnificent.

The elements of the movie were basically formula. We had the down-trodden( the Na’vis), we had heroes ( the Avatars), the villain ( the US army) and a tender love story. The obvious truth about it is the greed and lack of concern for human life and the sacredness of all life in the Universe, that we exhibit on our planet. That was portrayed too well for my liking.

This movie is about the connectedness of all life. The scientists know today that we are all part of an energy force that exists everywhere all the time. The vibrating molecules that make up the earth and the Universe are all part of what some people call God. The Na’vis called their Deity Eywa. It seems that entities of Pandora are much more connected to and aware of their spiritual connection.

The people on our earth, however, are continually in lack and limitation and in order for them to feel secure and happy, they must have more of everything. That translates into money. Money was represented in the form of a valuable rock, which lay beneath the civilization of Na’vis, in the roots of a gigantic tree. This Hometree was physically connected to everything on their moon through a network like the electric network of our brain.

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Today, scientists and quantum physicians, believe that we are all connected through our energy molecules. Everything on our planet is part of these molecules including our intelligence. So why are we willing to destroy to attain something that we already possess? What part of our human psych will not allow us to know the real truth of our being?

The moral of the story was that good always prevails. The energy of good is always more powerful than the energy of bad. If we thought better of ourselves, we would always be in the energy of good. In the energy of good, we would know that our earth provides abundance for all.