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Two Surprising Things That Can Impact Your Abundance

Two Surprising Things That Can Impact Your Abundance

As you focus on attracting greater abundance into your life, you may be working on the more obvious aspects like visualizing, reciting affirmations and staying open to abundance – but there are other things that can have a direct effect on your level of abundance.

Below are two of those things that may surprise you:

Emotional Balance

More often than not, the things that cause us the most pain are not the situations and experiences of our lives, but our reactions to them. In our attempt to fight against, struggle with, and overcome our problems, we end up exacerbating them! Rather than fighting against our problems, we can use the Law of Attraction to rise above them and shift smoothly and easily into better circumstances.

Are you currently struggling with a situation or condition that is causing you pain and suffering? Decide right now that you are going to release it and rise above it mentally and emotionally. Rather than trying to fix the situation or force things to go the way you want, simply turn your thoughts to a better condition and imagine that it already exists.

Imagine that you can attune to it simply by dropping the struggle and adjusting your focus. Then watch in awe as seemingly insurmountable obstacles are dissolved and the path before you becomes clear again.


Self-respect is important when it comes to your ability to attract greater abundance into your life. Have you ever allowed someone to take advantage of you? Do you often acquiesce to the demands of others even though they conflict with your own preferences? Are you asking for abundance and then acting in ways that tell the universe you don’t believe you deserve it?

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Developing a strong sense of self-respect can trigger some surprising and welcome changes in your life – especially when it comes to expressions of abundance. When you refuse to accept mistreatment from others; refuse to settle for less than you deserve; and believe in your own value and worthiness, the universe will deliver experiences that mesh with your inner perception.

This can include more money, meaningful relationships, better health, and much more.