Robot Movie

Robot Movie

Robot (Hindi film) is promising its audience that it is a different movie. Robot has already come in Tamil and has had good success (it goes by the name Endhiran in Tamil). The graphics used in Robot will be liked by many Indians. With Rajni in the film the graphics of Robot will look much flashy as the stunts will be done by the master of style.

With the style of Rajnikant and the hot and sizzling Ash the movie looks much promising after getting the added benefit of having a wonderful music composer: A.R. Rahman. If you are a music lover go around and search for some Robot music and give the taste of music paradise to your ears.

There is still a lot more to add to the bells and whistles of Robot. The movie has a few stunt directors and also animation experts who have worked with great Hollywood movies like Avataar and King Kong. With style superking Rajni as a robot the movie is definitely going to be a super hit.

Aishwarya is said to have designed the wardrobe herself for Robot. This time Ash is giving much attention to the clothing stuff for Robot and is making sure that she gets the right set of clothes to set the audience of Robot on fire with her hot gesture

The only problem might be the body language. If you think so you are wrong: both the lead actors of Robot are professional actors and have not had to fight with much body language issues.

Another reason why people are so excited about this movie is the stunts part of it. There will be unimaginable stunts in Robot with the South Indian superstar Rajni running all around the silver screen. Like it or not but Robot has got everything in it to become a superstar. You may also like to sneak into Robot movie review. Do take a look at the song Mohenjodaro from Robot, people are loving it!

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