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5 Steps in Making a Simple Short Film

How to make a simple short film?

Moreover, we are beginners and just want to learn the art of film making. What are the steps or stages and are there any easy tips? In making a simple short film, there are several steps that we must apply. Although only a simple short film that tells a simple story. What planning should be considered and how the process. Furthermore, how the final process to get the results in the form of a good film.

What is a Movie?

A film is a collective work. In the sense that this work is a collection of tools that support each other.

So what are the components in making a Simple Short film?

In the process of making films, several components are needed.

Among others; scriptwriter, director, assistant director, art director, director of photography (DOP), lightingman, gaffer, cameraman, clepper , continuity .
Then there are wardrobe , make up , sound designer , sound director , location manager , production leader, unit manager, general executive (PU), editor, and others.

Like an integrated component, the parts must be able to work together to achieve the desired goal. That is the creation of a film.

If there is no good cooperation in the manufacturing process, then the production process will be bad. And maybe the results obtained are also bad.

Indeed, when you see the many elements that must be met and it feels complex. Looks to have to use a complicated and expensive device. Is that true?

A film can be created with a simple device. As long as the storyline is good and the messages conveyed can be accepted by the audience, why not?

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Steps / How to Make a Simple Short Film

Now we discuss the process of making a film. The stages are as follows:

  1. Development
    The first step we have to do is development. In this stage we have to do:
  • idea development,
  • determine the type of story,
  • determine the genre and format,
  • screenplay writing.
  • An idea or ideas can come from anywhere. For example from the story of a novel, from a true story, and others.

In this development stage the triangle system must work well together. Triangle system in filmmaking, namely; producer, director and screenwriter.
By working well together, the three of them can easily get ideas. They will also easily make premise, synopsis, treatment and then scenario.

Next, the producer and director prepare the treatment to convey it to investors. If successful, the film will receive funding for production.

  1. Pre Production
    After the entire development process has been completed, the next step is the pre-production process.

In this stage, all must be careful in designing and planning. Because this stage will determine the next stage.

There is an opinion that in this second stage there is usually a lot of debate. But it is better to argue in this second stage to find the best solution.

Instead of arguing when it’s already in the production process. so it’s better to argue now. Although it takes time, energy and thought.

In this stage the things that must be prepared are;

  • cost planning,
  • scheduling,
  • script analysis,
  • division of tasks (character analysis , wardrobe analysis, setting and property analysis ),
  • master breakdown,
  • hunting (location hunting and location determination, property and wardrobe hunting , casting , crew recruitment and equipment rental),
  • and the last one is production design.
  1. Production
    After going through 2 (two) steps before, actually it’s still not ripe. Not even half cooked.
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In this stage, all the material that has been planned in the previous two stages will be recorded. Both record images and record sound.
If all the planning is good, it will be easier to produce good work.

However, it often happens in every filming that what is planned is not in accordance with the conditions in the field. There are always obstacles and changes.

When conditions like this occur, it takes the ability to make good decisions, quickly, and not easily panic. Especially if there is a sudden change that requires a quick solution.

  1. Post Production
    After the production activities are completed, it will enter the Post Production stage. All recordings will be viewed and edited. There is editing , sound arrangement, adding effects, scoring music , and color grading .

In this stage, it is not just an editor who has the task or role in determining the image pieces. There is still supervision from the director and producer at the editing stage.

This is to maintain the integrity and quality of the story.

  1. Distribution
    The final stage in the film production process is distribution. If you make a film, of course you want your film to be seen by as many people as possible, right?

At this stage there are several options for channeling the film. Your film may be screened in theaters or at other alternative screenings, such as film festivals. Or through digital media such as DVD for distribution.

In choosing this distribution channel, it is necessary to have good considerations. It would be better and perfect if it was determined from the time of development and pre-production. So that the target audience for the films we produce can be right on target according to the plan.

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These are the steps that need to be considered in making a film. There needs to be good management even though the film we make is very simple.

Fortunately, today’s technological developments make it very easy for us to create a work.

However, good management and processes also have an influence on the outputs and outcomes we expect. The success of the planned film will certainly be more satisfying, right?