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Movie Review: Unknown – Dive Into the Unknown

Movie Review: Unknown – Dive Into the Unknown

Unknown Plot

Dr. Martin Thomas (Liam Neeson) arrives in Berlin with his wife Elizabeth (January Jones) for a Bio Tech summit but before he can check into his hotel he remembers that he forget his briefcase at the airport. He hails a cab and dashes back without telling his wife who’s checking in. Martin’s cab meets with an accident but his life is saved by Gina (Diane Kruger), an illegal immigrant who doubles up as a cab driver. Martin wakes up from coma and is shocked to see that someone else (Aidan Quinn) has taken not only his identity but his entire life and even his wife is convinced that Martin’s an imposter.

Martin would have given up had it not been for an unknown assailant who tries to kill him. He meets a retired East German spy, Jurgen (Bruno Ganz) who helps him retrace his steps. Aided by Gina, Martin meets his wife who discloses that she knows the truth but can’t come out with it for their lives are in danger. On her instructions Martin retrieves his lost briefcase and starts puts together pieces of his life together. But with every step he takes towards establishing his identity Martin is shocked to learn horrible secrets from his past that make it difficult for him to even look in the mirror.

Good Points in Unknown

There are traces of Roman Polanski’s Frantic and John Woo’s Paycheck in Unknown but that doesn’t take anything from Unknown. A very solid thriller, Unknown is well crafted film that gets you hooked on right from the initial stages. Towards the end when things fall into place, irrespective of how you take to revelations in thrillers, you are bound to feel a little letdown but that can be forgiven.

Final Words on Unknown

Based on a book called Out of My Head, by Didier van Cauwelaert, the film has a very intriguing premise thanks to the inversion of a traditional way of looking at a spy thriller. Like Jason Bourne, Martin, too, retraces his steps but instead of finding out who he really is the thrust is often towards who he isn’t. In addition to an engaging plot Unknown becomes better thanks to Liam Neeson who gives Martin a right mix of emotions and an impressive Bruno Ganz as the private detective who misses the olden days.

Unknown Rating: 3 out of 5

Unknown Cast: Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, January Jones, Aidan Quinn, Frank Langella, and Bruno Ganz

Unknown Screenplay by: Oliver Butcher, Stephen Cornwell bases on Out of My Head, by Didier van Cauwelaert

Unknown Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra…


Amazing Avatar the Movie Costumes

Amazing Avatar the Movie Costumes

Avatar is the scientific fiction trailblazer movie that was released in 2009. The movie captured many with its captivating antics keeping many glued to the screens.

The main attractions were the blue humanoids with gold eyes and cat ears controlled human minds. Although, as much as Jake Sully and Neytiri really attracted the attention of the viewers, their costumes from the movie were even more attracting to the fun lovers. It surely will be a major influence on occasions such as Halloween.

The blue themed costumes accompanied by painted faces make an awesome combination for both adults and children. The human creature with a tail connects well with the Halloween theme of spirits and celebration. Why would someone love to wear such a scary costume? This is the question most people are asking themselves.

For the lovers of the movie- Avatar, would love to be associated with the theme of the movie. Kids love imitating superhuman movie characters and this surely would not let any of them rest until they have worn Avatar costumes. Painted faces will make even a better party addition for the kids.

A complete Avatar costume has a grey blue painting of the face accompanying it. Although, one can opt for black or any other color depending on a message intended to be passed across.

Avatar costume has brands such as Sexy Neytiri, Jake Sully and Jake Sully Deluxe which have sizes for adults and kids. The collection has accompanying accessories such as spears, necklaces, shoes and tails. If one wants to bring out the exact Halloween avatar theme, it is advisable to acquire a costume from stores which has been made to look exactly like an Avatar costume. However, one can still make an avatar costume at home. Normal clothing, wigs and coloring the face can still give a good result though it might fail to capture the exact look. Information oh how to purchase these costumes can easily be accessed online where prices are displayed.

The best Avatar costumes for kids can be the blue alien like with cat like ears. The ears will have to be accompanying accessories. Prices for these costumes can range from medium to very expensive depending on where they are being bought. It is good for a person to do shopping to select the best available offer in the market. However, for best results, consider using well known stores.…


Shutter Island Film Review

Shutter Island Film Review

If you always have been skeptical about what goes on in private hospitals, mental institutions and secret facilities and believe there is something hidden from general people then Shutter Island will leave you scared.

The film portrays a grim story of mental patients, strict guards, less than normal doctors and digs deep into their lives. A disturbing and a compelling adventure at the same time.

Fear grips us just in the first 15 minutes or so, the island appears to be more than just a mental asylum. Introduction to the security, patients and working staff builds up the necessary suspense. You will be so engrossed in the investigation and several other sub plots that it’s hard to judge who is playing with whom. The conclusion of the film is awe inspiring.

Few scenes needs special mention. First, where interrogative is done in secret chambers just in a matchstick light is scary. Then the interaction between the Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and the missing patient in the cave really sets the story in motion.

There is deliberate lack of colors, grey and dark surroundings creates an eerie atmosphere. And when we see war scenes, people being shot, the bright red blood in the grey background is cinematography at its best.

Dreamy flashbacks and the war scenes have been filmed calmly without the usual shouting ruckus we see. This is why Shutter Island carves its own identity and stands apart from movies based on similar themes.

A music note which is repeated during several twists and turns we see during the film is used with perfection. Set in real locations works in favour as long distance picturesque shots have been filmed with great ease.

The only problem with this film is that it’s long and the narrative is detailed which will require immense patience. There are several subplots and one can easily get confused but that is the whole aim of the film.

Leonardo DiCaprio (as Teddy Daniels) has given one of his best performances till date. He will make you feel for himself till the very end. From sea sickness to nightmares he suffers, the influence is hard to deny.

Mark Ruffalo (plays Chuck Aule) as Teddy’s associate has a done a convincing job. He confuses us with his character and we can’t make up our mind on whose side is he after-all.

Ben Kingsley (plays Dr. Cawley) comes as a hateful doctor who is hiding something sinister. His acting could not have been better.…


Hens Night Ideas For Every Bride

Hens Night Ideas For Every Bride

If you’re like most brides, you are probably so preoccupied with your wedding planning that you are haven’t even given your bachelorette party a second thought. Also known as a hens night, this party should be a fun and memorable party that allows you to spend some quality time with your closest girlfriends before you say, “I do,” to the love of your life. Many times brides lose interest in hens’ night because in keeping with tradition, they feel that their hens’ night celebration has to centre on something that could be potentially damaging to their marriage. However, there are many ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, and here are a few ways to celebrate that won’t make you feel embarrassed to invite your mother and future mother-in-law to the party.

Movie night

When it comes to a hens’ night, you can’t really go wrong with a movie night. It will give you an excuse to eat popcorn and candy, and do absolutely nothing except relax. Be sure to have several different movie options so that you can find a movie choice that will please everyone.

Spa day

Who doesn’t like a relaxing trip to the spa? Because wedding planning takes so much time, many brides neglect to take the time to really pamper themselves. For this reason, a spa day could be just what the doctor orders. While at home spa days are fun for different occasions, for a hens’ party, considering taking a weekend trip to a spa so you and all of your friends have the chance to relax and feel pampered.


While it may seem unconventional, many brides are finding that instead of partying at their local club, they would rather spend time giving back to their community by volunteering at a women’s shelter or soup kitchen. It is a great way to use your time to do something that will actually benefit someone else.

Progressive dinner

You probably haven’t done one of these since high school, but it can be fun to rent a limo and have your appetizers, main course and dessert at three different locations. To add to the suspense, whoever plans the party should not tell the rest of the passengers the restaurants they’ve chosen for the party.

Surprise weekend away

Just about everyone loves surprises, and hens party surprises are no exception. Tell your friends to pack for a weekend trip, and don’t tell them what the destination is, instead tell them what kinds of clothes to pack. However, if you really don’t want them to figure out where they’re going, even if you’ve rented a beach house, you may want to throw them off by suggesting they back a canteen for hiking.

Depending on how close your hens’ night party is to the wedding day, you want to be aware that if you spend the entire day outside, you run the risk of being sunburned. You definitely don’t want your pictures to be ruined by peeling skin, so you may want to plan your hens’ party a couple of weeks before the wedding depending on what the plan is.…


The Last Airbender Deluxe Child Costumes

The Last Airbender Deluxe Child Costumes

The Last Airbender movie has been an ingenious reinvention of the Nikelodeons animated series and has had children completely besotted with its characters. If this is the case with your children then you can make their day with the Last Airbender Costumes.

You can buy the costumes for characters Aang, Katara, Zuko and others and all are made extremely well and look so great you’ll be wishing you could fit into them yourself to wear to the Halloween party. For that fact these costumes would make great kids Halloween costumes especially Zuko with his urn scar on his face or Aang with his facial markings.

The Last Airbender Deluxe Aang costume is for all those little boys who love to do martial arts or play at it, you can buy the costume with or without a robe and you can purchase a staff separately. The Aang costume comes in small, medium and large and even includes an Aang mask.

Then there is The Last Airbender Deluxe Katara costume which any girl will love. Buy this for your girls Halloween costume and she’ll be the happiest ever. The Katara costume looks exceptional with its dark blue robe and long wide sleeves. Katara is from the southern water tribe and is a master at manipulating water. These costumes should really fire the imagination of your youngsters.

Perhaps the kids prefer the character of Zuko, the baddie turned good from the Fire Nation. Zuko’s costume again is fantastic, more ornate that Aang’s and again the children will love dressing up in these costumes that have their background in the Far East, Japanese and Chinese traditions and martial arts.

All these costumes come in small, medium and large and they are all very impressive. So if you’re looking for kids Halloween costumes or Halloween costume ideas then you really need look no further. Halloween is done and the kids will love dressing up in these for a long time to come.…


GI Joe Halloween Costume

GI Joe Halloween Costume

The one to be this Halloween is GI JOE “Duke”

The movie is action packed from the beginning to the end. Duke, a.k.a. Conrad Hauser, is the lead solider on the G.I. Joe team after General Hawk and what boy (or man) doesn’t want to be team leader? Duke’s mission is to thwart a dastardly plan by Cobra to attack cities around the world with nanotechnology.

Duke is the code name of First Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser. He is field commander and second-in-command of the G.I. Joe Team after Hawk. Duke’s mission is to thwart a dastardly plan by Cobra to attack cities around the world with nanotechnology.

The G.I. Joe who wears this suit doesn’t have to understand the intricacies of the villains’ plans, just know that being Duke means fighting bad guys in an ultra stylish way everywhere from Paris to the Arctic! Be one of the elite G.I. Joe team “Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity” This sleek black helmeted “Delta 6 Accelerator” suit is said to be worth billions of dollars in the movie world and your special little boy has been chosen to wear it to fight Cobra! Imagine you child pretending they can “run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than any of their enemies” something they can strive for the rest of their lives.

The added bonus is that now father and son can share a common childhood hero and 80’s nostalgia fans and modern action fantasy all because G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra hit theatres this summer. Why not bring the non-stop action home with your very own G.I. Joe Duke costume! The suit comes with Jumpsuit, Padded Armour & Mask. There are also a number of other accessories that will add the final authentic look to the G.I Joe costume.

The Special Ops mission if you choose to accept is to track down and eat all the candy this Halloween. The secret code is: “Trick or Treat!”…


How The Silent Movie Intolerance Mirrored Historical Attitudes

How The Silent Movie “Intolerance” Mirrored Historical Attitudes

Nineteen sixteen, Intolerance defined means bigotry in order to get others to follow the ideology. In which case, the world has not changed that much. The movie used a woman rocking a cradle that introduced each of the four stories of human intolerance through the ages.

A Woman’s Reform movement needed a rich patron to further their cause. They contacted Mary L. Jenkins, the unmarried sister of an American Mill owner. When she approached her brother about increasing payments to her charities, he called for a ten percent workers cut in pay. In turn, a strike erupted and some of the workers were shot. After a boy watched his father a mill worker die, he turned to crime to make a living.

The movie portrayed different stories of religious bigotry in the form of two gods, one worshiped by the Ancient Babylonians and another God favored by the Ancient Persians. At a later time in France, Huguenots were persecuted and other scenes in an earlier time, leading up to the persecution of Jesus Christ.

Women played a large part each one of the four stories such as; ancient women as marriage chattel, poor women as part of a reformed movement having their children taken from them, and well-off women joining charitable ranks to make a difference. Not realizing, they did more harm than good.

The movie showed ancient battles fought and won all in the name of a righted cause. As well as, modern battles lost between workers wanting better wages and bosses refusing to comply. Also the battle over humane treatment of the poor verses inhumane, it remained the same. If the movie projected a means of intolerance, it also presented the problems of relationships. In fact, it was the hatred between the different forces of beliefs.

The movie’s theme would be hard to comprehend because the Western World was engaged in “The Great War.” Therefore, the movie’s audience had other worries of husbands, sons and brothers off fighting somewhere in Europe. Perhaps, it was the scenes of battle between the Ancient Babylonians and Persians and the French Huguenots. They were slaughtered for their religious beliefs reminding them of such.

Although the epic pointed out a lot of wrongs about society, it did little to change anyone’s viewpoint. Except for the entertainment factor, the Babylonian scenes and the daily existence of a more modern time, it would have been classified a historical drama.…


Are Books Turning Into Movies a Positive or Negative Thing?

Are Books Turning Into Movies a Positive or Negative Thing?

A lot of books as movies are being optioned and produced lately. But with the increasing number of movies from books, is the quality lacking? Should we be happy or nervous about seeing books that are movies on the big screen?

Usually it’s a case-by-case basis, but for the most part there are a few different things that can make books as movies a good or a bad thing.

The first positive thing is definitely getting to see the story and the world come to life. Especially when you are talking about a book that is magical and has a lot of fantasy elements to it, sometimes seeing that world come to life can be an incredible experience. But such a wonderful concept also comes with big risks. Perhaps the budget left a lot to be desired and so the sets and effects are not all they could be. This can really ruin a story and unfortunately the visuals the movie provides become ingrained when you read the book again.

Another thing that is really exciting about seeing books as movies is getting to see the characters we envisioned while reading come to life before our eyes. It can be really cool to see new and established actors make our favorite characters a reality. But again, if an actor just doesn’t fit the role physically and as far as skill level is concerned, then movies from books can be more of a letdown than a positive experience.

The most wonderful thing about books hitting the big screen is that it tends to have this effect on the masses, drawing in people to read books that are movies because they enjoyed the film. A lot of times these people are not normally readers and it’s definitely a positive thing any time something gets people reading and exercising their minds. The only negative effect this has overall is that the supply and demand of books must be met. So we tend to see an increase in books that are cranked out too fast and end up being low quality and copycat storylines of other books.

No matter what though, the nice thing about getting to witness books as movies is that it entails more exposure for the book, author, and reading in general. If it’s a story we love, then it’s nice when a lot of people know about it and you can talk about it with them! But it also can be a little annoying when fans from the movie crossover to being fans of the book and claim to be the biggest fans, when in reality the biggest fans are those who increased the exposure of the book itself to the point of it being optioned as a movie.

Whether you’re a fan of books as movies or not is something we all must decide on our own. But either way, the incredible world of movies from books is becoming more popular every day and something that will hopefully only increase in quality to the satisfaction of both book lovers and movie buffs alike.…