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Amazing Avatar the Movie Costumes

Amazing Avatar the Movie Costumes

Avatar is the scientific fiction trailblazer movie that was released in 2009. The movie captured many with its captivating antics keeping many glued to the screens.

The main attractions were the blue humanoids with gold eyes and cat ears controlled human minds. Although, as much as Jake Sully and Neytiri really attracted the attention of the viewers, their costumes from the movie were even more attracting to the fun lovers. It surely will be a major influence on occasions such as Halloween.

The blue themed costumes accompanied by painted faces make an awesome combination for both adults and children. The human creature with a tail connects well with the Halloween theme of spirits and celebration. Why would someone love to wear such a scary costume? This is the question most people are asking themselves.

For the lovers of the movie- Avatar, would love to be associated with the theme of the movie. Kids love imitating superhuman movie characters and this surely would not let any of them rest until they have worn Avatar costumes. Painted faces will make even a better party addition for the kids.

A complete Avatar costume has a grey blue painting of the face accompanying it. Although, one can opt for black or any other color depending on a message intended to be passed across.

Avatar costume has brands such as Sexy Neytiri, Jake Sully and Jake Sully Deluxe which have sizes for adults and kids. The collection has accompanying accessories such as spears, necklaces, shoes and tails. If one wants to bring out the exact Halloween avatar theme, it is advisable to acquire a costume from stores which has been made to look exactly like an Avatar costume. However, one can still make an avatar costume at home. Normal clothing, wigs and coloring the face can still give a good result though it might fail to capture the exact look. Information oh how to purchase these costumes can easily be accessed online where prices are displayed.

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The best Avatar costumes for kids can be the blue alien like with cat like ears. The ears will have to be accompanying accessories. Prices for these costumes can range from medium to very expensive depending on where they are being bought. It is good for a person to do shopping to select the best available offer in the market. However, for best results, consider using well known stores.