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The Last Airbender Deluxe Child Costumes

The Last Airbender Deluxe Child Costumes

The Last Airbender movie has been an ingenious reinvention of the Nikelodeons animated series and has had children completely besotted with its characters. If this is the case with your children then you can make their day with the Last Airbender Costumes.

You can buy the costumes for characters Aang, Katara, Zuko and others and all are made extremely well and look so great you’ll be wishing you could fit into them yourself to wear to the Halloween party. For that fact these costumes would make great kids Halloween costumes especially Zuko with his urn scar on his face or Aang with his facial markings.

The Last Airbender Deluxe Aang costume is for all those little boys who love to do martial arts or play at it, you can buy the costume with or without a robe and you can purchase a staff separately. The Aang costume comes in small, medium and large and even includes an Aang mask.

Then there is The Last Airbender Deluxe Katara costume which any girl will love. Buy this for your girls Halloween costume and she’ll be the happiest ever. The Katara costume looks exceptional with its dark blue robe and long wide sleeves. Katara is from the southern water tribe and is a master at manipulating water. These costumes should really fire the imagination of your youngsters.

Perhaps the kids prefer the character of Zuko, the baddie turned good from the Fire Nation. Zuko’s costume again is fantastic, more ornate that Aang’s and again the children will love dressing up in these costumes that have their background in the Far East, Japanese and Chinese traditions and martial arts.

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All these costumes come in small, medium and large and they are all very impressive. So if you’re looking for kids Halloween costumes or Halloween costume ideas then you really need look no further. Halloween is done and the kids will love dressing up in these for a long time to come.