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Decorate Ideas – Rooms For Those Who Love Movies

Decorate Ideas – Rooms For Those Who Love Movies

A love for movies usually starts at a young age. The fun, adventure, danger, and laughter captured on screen lights a flame in the hearts of most children. Superheroes, cops, firemen, astronauts, and cowboys fabricate the dreams of many aspiring childhoods. While these dreams may or may not come true for some of us, our love for the silver screen remains true to these ideals.

Decorating a room is not just about throwing up some pictures or posters, painting a few trendy colors on the walls and calling it good. Decorating a room is all about personality. Is it a love for Disney movies? Disney characters? Specific movie stars? I know that my little sister absolutely loves Hannah Montana, and was lucky enough to go to one of her concerts. I bought her a poster before she went, and she was somehow able to get it signed. She couldn’t wait to display her experience on her wall in her room for all to see.

Whether you are decorating for yourself or for a son or daughter, you need to ask three basic questions:

What type of movies are the favorites? Disney? Pixar? Classic cartoons?

Is it a love for something specific that you may want a theme? Or a little bit of everything?

What type of movie memorabilia are the favorites? Posters? Film cells? Cardboard cutouts? Shadow boxes? There are so many choices when it comes to movies, answering these questions will give you insight into the best way to set up the room.

Finding the material to set up in the room is fairly simple. If you know the specific items you will be searching for, you can search the internet specifically for that item, and with a little research you can find a web site with a great selection, quality merchandise, and competitive prices. I have decorated and redecorated rooms so many times with film and television decor, that the process is simple. It all comes down to knowing what you want, and where to go look for it.

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