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What the Movie District 9 Says About the Future of Bio-Metric Weapons

What the Movie “District 9” Says About the Future of Bio-Metric Weapons

The United States military now has weapons that only US servicemen can fire, they do this by putting a ring, with biometric details on the hand of each soldier. If their ring is out of range, the weapon cannot fire. This means that if a base camp with US troops is overrun, by let’s say the Taliban, those folks cannot use the weapon against us. This type of technology is also being used for personal guns which people can buy, so if their children get a hold of them, they won’t fire.

Some police departments are also investing in these technologies, so if the policeman’s gun is wrestled away from them by a criminal, that criminal cannot shoot them with their own gun. These are all excellent uses for biometric weapon safety systems. And we saw this technology used in a recent movie. The movie is called District 9 and get involved aliens which landed on Earth, and they have weapons that only work with their DNA.

In fact, the screenplay writer took the idea of biometric safety devices one step further. Indeed all of the alien’s technologies interface with the individual alien that is running the equipment, computer system, spaceships, or weapons systems. This movie did an excellent job of showing the future innovations of these weapon systems in a science fiction action flick. This is a movie I would recommend to all those who are interested in gun safety, or the use of future biometric weapons in the military battlespace.

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Indeed, District 9 is an allegory about humanity, and a very harsh look in the mirror of how we run things, and how we treat our own species. Perhaps, that’s why I liked the movie so much, and was very happy to see the future technologies and innovations also in the same movie. Please consider all this.