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Scriptwriter: Make a Movie – Pick Your Idea and Start

Scriptwriter: Make a Movie – Pick Your Idea and Start

Scriptwriters come in all shapes and sizes. Scriptwriters have a depth to their soul like no other beings on Earth. It’s a gift, and a curse.

But, no matter what it is, you are a writer (or want to become one) and you HAVE to write. Writers have to write, dancers have to dance, and singers have to sing and so on and so on.

Writers usually have too many ideas in their head. So many ideas, so little time – and eventually if you want to be a writer you actually have to start writing. So the key is – since you want to make a movie script – to start narrowing down those ideas, pick a genre first. What is a genre, you ask?

A genre is the type of category your screenplay is in.

For example –

Comedy (includes dark comedies & romantic comedies, of course)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy (imaginary worlds)

Family (parents can take kids to see it) Horror (you know – those violently graphic types)

Suspense (unfolding mystery)

Drama (more true-to-life roller coaster ride types)

Action Adventures (big $$$ makers – excitement, danger, suspense)

And I’m going to add –

High Concept – Hollywood’s favorite buzz word at the moment

– and although a High Concept film could be any of the above genres, it’s claim to fame is that it has MASS APPEAL (which means big $$$$ to Hollywood, and you for that matter). It is easily pitched in a catchy logline, which when spoke, they immediately “get it” and your story is fresh, unique and high in concept. (Duh, did I really say that?)

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You might find you start in one genre and end up in another. That’s okay. Just go with the flow. Put pen to paper (or in this millennium – fingertips to keyboard) and just start writing. It’s not time to be critical of what is coming through. The key is – JUST START. It does not matter how or with what you start, just start. Thoughts flow through you, ideas flow through you, and if you ignore them they will go find someone else who will give them life. Starting will show the Universe you’re now committed to receiving. Choosing a genre and picking an idea in that genre to run with tells the Universe what it is you need – what thoughts and info you need – your tools. NOW, you can get started.

At this stage there’s no right or wrong, there’s only opportunity, so take this opportunity to get on the scriptwriting bandwagon and ride that train all the way to the bank.