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Newborn Baby Filming Tips

Newborn Baby Filming Tips

Parenting is equally essential as preserving the memory of your newborn and you need a good quality movie to be able to get good quality pictures. And to shoot a great movie, you need to have a really good camera with the best features. Buying a camcorder that can suit your purpose is a great challenge as there are several brands in the market with equally different price tags. But the key elements are the features that have to be top drawer for getting a good shoot of your baby.

Check YouTube

Planning is the most important part of filming your newborn as it keeps even professional photographers on tenterhooks. To get a hang of how to photograph babies, you can check out some of the excellent videos displayed on YouTube. You can watch endless footages of funny videos of newborns in various moods and the sounds would come on in perfectly. You can preserve the film for ages and show them around to your kids when they grow up.

Share them

Capturing precious moments of newborns are becoming increasingly popular and becoming an essential part of parenting as well the world over. With the development in technology, it has become easier to film a newborn and make a movie out of it that you can share with other family members, friends and relatives. There are several social networking sites that can be used for uploading the video for everyone to watch.

Shoot in proper light

Among the tips that you need for getting a good film done with a camcorder is the lighting of your shot. Take care to shoot in proper lighting or else, you will end up with grainy pictures. The best way to overcome poor lighting is to shoot outdoors which can provide the right conditions even on a cloudy day. Check out the light and your best bet would be to shoot very early in the morning or late in the afternoon for getting the best results.

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Mount on a tripod

There are tripods that are available for $30 and you can use them to mount your camcorder. It secures your camera and you can also perform artistic pans and zooms and include your self as well during the shoot. Do not rely on the digital image stabilization feature as it lowers the video resolution. If you are shooting indoors, open the blinds and allow enough light to stream in. You can also turn on the overhead lights and lamps and also use a shoe mounted light if required.

Avoid digital zoom

Do not use digital zoom as it again would give a grainy video. By increasing the digital zoom level, the cam will crop to the center of the image making the remaining portion extremely large. Your best bet would be to turn off the digital zoom from inside the menu system of your camera. Instead, you can go for the optical zoom that relies on the lens for magnification and rely more on your feet as expert photographers will tell you for filming your newborn.