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The Cinema From My Living Room

The Cinema From My Living Room

For some years now, my friends and I gather for a movie night every Wednesday. At the beginning, we had to choose the movie and the cinema and that took us about a week to decide, basically the time between the nights.

One day, one of my friends bought a cool 40” HD TV and for a few weeks, the movies looked great on his set. Then another friend purchased a home cinema system and we all moved to his house for the movies. A month or so, one of the guys invited us to watch the football game at his house. When we arrived, we discovered that his TV was gone; actually, it was just moved and the wall was covered with a white screen. Some anxious people later, our friend turned on the projector. Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you what it was like to watch the game on a big wall!

Watching the news at my place, it made me look closer to my TV and all other devices. I remembered my friends’ acquisitions and how much I liked them. Then I decided it’s time for shopping. Not just an item, but I thought a movie night at my place deserves the whole equipment.

I know they went to stores and looked for the best offers; I just didn’t like the idea of wandering around the city. Fortunately, the man’s best friend – the internet- revealed some amazing offers. In fact, there are websites that put together all the clearances around the country. And a lower price only means that I can get myself new quality electronics for less money.

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Electronics are always ‘this season’ so I started to look for some hot devices with great prices. And that’s how I got a home cinema system with 30% off; my new TV had an amazing 40% discount. One thing led to another and now I am setting my new projector as well, that I found with 37% less. If you want to know about the quality, ask my friends. They decided we’ll watch all the movies and games at my place!