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Movie Review – Hot Fuzz

Movie Review – Hot Fuzz

I recently watched a gem of a movie called “Hot Fuzz.”

The movie centers on Police Constable, Nicholas Angel (a wonderful Simon Pegg), who is a superior law-enforcement specimen. He’s efficient, effective and driven to a fault. He’s so consumed by his job that he sabotaged his relationship with his girlfriend. In fact, his only ongoing relationship is with his precious Japanese Peace Lily.

PC Angel learns he’s being promoted to Sergeant, but not in London, in the sleepy village of Sandford. Of course, he wants to remain in action-packed London, but isn’t wanted there because he’s making his fellow officers look bad.

He arrives in the quaint village of Sanford and promptly starts arresting a good deal of the village, including his bumbling, new partner Danny (Nick Frost).

He quickly learns that the Sanford Police Service is more than happy to do the bare minimum work as long as their stomachs are filled with ice cream and cake. That’s not a problem, though, because he’s also informed that Sanford is the safest village in the country and is the winner of the “Village of the Year” contest. The village pride is evident by the high-tech Neighborhood Watch Alliance.

Sergeant Angel is stuck attending to a run-away swan, speed-trap duty, wayward hedge-clipping and church fair security. That is, until a series of bizarre accidents convinces him there’s a serial killer on the loose.

No one believes in his wild theories, but as the bodies add up, even the most skeptical are forced to face the reality.

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This movie is hilarious and Simon Pegg playing the straight is absolutely delicious.

The smash-cut editing-which was used with limited success in “Shaun of the Dead-is used to terrific effect and makes the movie that much more enjoyable.

This movie was obviously created by movie buffs, with multiple shout-outs to “Point Blank,” “Bad Boys II” and the power of Grayskull.

There loads of violence and gore, but it all comes off with such a humorous angle that it isn’t nauseating. In fact, this movie contains one of the most gruesome and hysterical movie deaths I’ve ever seen.

Just when you think you know the direction the movie is heading, it takes a left turn and ends up in a completely different place. It’s glorious.

Bottom line: Brilliant, hilarious, gory and Simon Pegg playing it straight. It doesn’t get any better than “Hot Fuzz.” And remember it’s all for the “greater good.”