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New Year, New You, New Path

New Year, New You, New Path

Devotion to your ‘use’ is the best thing anyone can develop in this lifetime. Whether it be being a devoted mother to her children, being present when they need a helping hand, offering your own words of wisdom or reminding them how important and valued they are in this Universe, or being a chef and creating great food for others to enjoy, all of it is meaningful if you love what you do!

I have heard it said before that your ‘use’ is the main way you express yourself in this life. Why then are people stuck in jobs they hate? Why do some choose to go for the ‘safe’ career, something that may have a steady paycheck in it, but doesn’t make them happy, does not create joy or get them excited about what they have to offer those around them, vs. discovering their passion? It’s a valid question wouldn’t you say? Why do the masses flock to concerts or the movies if not to see people doing what they love and expressing their gifts with the world?!

When you think back to what you loved to do as a child you are on track for discovering what you are meant to do as an adult. For me, I loved teaching. I thought being a teacher in some capacity would be loads of fun! But I also wanted to be my own boss, I never liked the idea of being told what to do or having to cow-tow to the big man. I wanted to have more control in my life and direct where I wanted to go. I knew I didn’t want to be a ‘teacher’ per-say because that was too restricting. But how does one be their own boss and teach? By the time I was 26 years of age, about 4 years out of college, I remembered another thing I loved as a teenager…personal growth. You see, i was one of those people that didn’t have a very fulfilling or happy family life; so I turned to books for inspiration.

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My first inspiration came when I was in English class in the 10th grade and we began our study with a period of time in the late 19th Century, known as the Transcendental Movement, IE: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Walt became my new mentors. Thus began my obsession with looking deeply into my own soul and being, for how to create a NEW LIFE for myself! I knew I didn’t have ANY desire to repeat the same pattern my parents showed me. Thus, I began looking at ways to improve my own self-worth and esteem.

Your ‘use’ is the way you express your love and wisdom to those around you. Your thoughts and feelings no longer need to be hidden from view, or tucked away into a secret hiding place for when the time is ‘right.’ The right time is right now! And how you express your love for your life is through your ‘use.’ It makes you think, “Who and what am I devoted to right now?”

Is it my job, money, sexual satisfaction, power, control, or is it happiness, imparting wisdom, the law, etc? Pure evil/selfishness is caring only about yourself even if that means hurting others. Now that the new year has arrived make a decision to discover your passion in life, your loves and how you express these loves in through your ‘use.’