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Mohan Lal’s Best Movies Ever

Mohan Lal’s Best Movies Ever

Mohan Lal is a super star in Malayalam film industry that is based out of Kerala in South India. He’s popular throughout India and abroad as a talented and highly versatile actor. His fans in Kerala treats him as an elder brother and calls him ‘Lalettan’. Here are some of his latest and upcoming movies that have got rave reviews from critics and media alike.

Shikkar – The Hunt

Released on September 9, 2010, this Mohanlal film went on to become one of the biggest blockbuster of Kerala film industry. The film that portrays Lal as a lorry driver has received positive reviews from all quarters. After few films that failed to make it big at the box office, Shikkar can be considered as his re-entry into the industry.

As the title goes, the film revolves around Balaraman, a lorry driver who decides to take revenge after being helpless for long. At any point, one wouldn’t know what would happen next – that’s the way in which the film has been made. The second half of the movies is packed with stunts ending in a superb climax. The film is still running in packed cinemas through out Kerala and is a must watch for any Keralite, let alone a Mohan Lal fan.


In this mega budget Malayalam movie, Mohan Lal plays the role of a successful businessman nicknamed Casanova, who runs an international chain of flower boutiques called Casanovva’s Eternal Spring. He believes in the simple philosophy that love cures everyone. Beautiful women accompany him at all times and this sprouts envy in all men. Roma, Lakshmi Rai, Sanjana and Shriya Saran are among the lead female actors at their helm in Malayalam industry who are cast against Mohan Lal in the film. The film also has four villains who bring in the factor of suspense and twist.

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When we say that Casanova is the most awaited Malayalam movie ever, it literally is true – fans have been waiting for the release of this big budget movie for over three years now. Casanova had slipped schedules may a time and some of the original cast is no more there in the movie. The release is planned around Christmas 2010 and may get delayed till early next year. This is the first time that such a film is produced in Malayalam and this would be our pick for the New Year.