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How Does One Become a Part of History?

How Does One Become a Part of History?

Every time I watch a movie and sit through the credits, I am in awe at the number of people who took part in its production. I don’t know any one of them but I do know that every time that movie plays and people watch the credits that the people’s whose names in listed are seen all over the world by others. Even movies that are a quarter of a Century old and older still have the names of everyone who took part listed at the end of the movie to be seen for generation and generations to come.

There have been times that I wished I could take part in a movie production so I can get my name in the credits. Who knows maybe that day will come. Although I am an author and every time I have a new book published my name is on the front cover, I still hope one day my name will be up on the big screen for others to see.

I have thought also about how people who are part of the publication process of a book are usually left out of being credited with their names in the books. Except for the Author, the Publisher and the printers, you usually don’t see who else took part. Sometimes you might see who edited the book but there are probably other people who helped but are not part of the printed version of the book.

All of that seems to be changing though. Authors, publishers and others are starting to recognize that people like to receive recognition for their part in this process. The door is opening for people to share having their names put up in lights as it were to say. And when people who have their names shared in the credits of books and other productions be it a movie or whatever, they then become a part of history as those movies, books and other productions all become historical documents. People for generations to come will see the names of everyone and maybe they will wonder, “who were those people and how lucky they were to be part of making something that is seen by so many people world wide?”

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Like I said, maybe one day I can help make a movie and have my name show up every time that movie plays on big screens and on TV’s in homes everywhere around the world. For now, I am content to write my books and see my name on those covers.