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DVD Review of The Hangover

DVD Review of “The Hangover”

Well we have all been there! Got so drunk that remembering the night before is like trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together. But can that concept make a great movie?

The answer is definitely, Yes!

This solid comedy shows there is no need for superstar actors or crazy special effects to make a great film. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis are the main stars of this film and are hardly household names just yet. However, the execution of the film can definitely see this film go down in the “classic” direction.

This film almost takes me back to the era of the eighties where the most simple storylines made some all time classic movies.

The essence of the plot is simply a stag night in Vegas which went a bit too far. The fact that the story centres around a bunch of drunk guys gives the writers the license to throw some of the most random storylines together and make it funny. A tiger in my bathroom?

There are a few jokes in the film which fall a bit flat and the audiences in the UK clearly didn’t get, however the rest of the film completely makes up for it and you will spend most of the time laughing as you watch The Hangover.

The DVD picture quality is just fine. Remember this is a film that doesn’t have any major special effects or graphics so nothing to worry about there. The extras leave a little to be desired. A few behind the scenes clips and a music video aren’t enough on the extras side. A “making of” or some bloopers would definitely increase the rewatchability of this DVD.

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For an easy to watch, guaranteed laugh a minute flick “The Hangover” gets a big recommendation! Because of the lack of extras though, this film is definitely more of a rent then buy.