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Harry Potter 7 Released – But Who Cares? They Ruined Its Essence Anyways

Harry Potter 7 Released – But Who Cares? They Ruined Its Essence Anyways

Harry potter 7 was released a few days back but the question remains why love it anymore They’re are several reasons I hate the movies. They ruined the sensation of the book The old Dumbledore was much suitable and ideal for the film but I heard he died OK so they needed a new Dumbledore Fine!

But at least they didn’t have to make him so charismatic and energetic He should be portrayed as an old humble man not some power ranger! Next Harry Potter is supposed to have long hair Not get his head shaved every two to three movies! And if he does his hair should grow back They just missed it!

One other horrible thing they did with the movie was that they started changing the location of shooting One movie its in a vast lush plain The next (Fire of goblet) Its in a series of snowy peaks with deep valleys I mean cant they keep still! One other thing I loathe about the movies is that in the first and second movies they keep the hall snug and with plenty of light In the rest of the movies I think they changed the lightning made a mess out of that one Moving on the atmosphere of the whole movie starts to become gloomy The movie had many things which the book didn’t have and they’re were many things in the books which the movies didn’t have I mean J.K Rowling should have had been the co-director or something

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I understand you cant squeeze a six hundred paged novel into a two hour movie but come on They missed some really good parts and the reality is that the movies have failed to deliver the essence of the book! I am so sorry for them…I don’t understand how J.K Rowling let them get away with it I was one of those who read the entire series like mad since I was a kid but I stopped watching harry Potter films since the goblet of fire! Because of the above mentioned reasons Maybe if I get the time I’ll watch the rest but the trailers ain’t up to my mark or at least up to mark of the book. Then I’ll tell you all about you don’t agree make me right by giving comments below!