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Promoting Your Movie Via the Media

Promoting Your Movie Via the Media

You see your job as director or producer (or both) but not as marketer. Well, if you want to maximize your chances of getting your film out there, it’s time to get comfortable with this new role. Whether you promote and PR your film on your own or hire a firm to do it for you, you can effectively create a buzz for your film and you will maximize your chances of building your audience and fan base.

By actively promoting your film, you’ll maximize your chances of:

Building awareness for your film within the industry

Increasing your audience and fan base.

Securing a distribution deal.

Establishing yourself as a director, producer or writer within the industry.

Generating interest for upcoming projects.

Securing financing for future projects.

Using PR and media relations to establish your film and/or production company is the most validating and legitimizing route. By appearing in the media you establish yourself as a presence and a player in the industry. You gain the validation of be covered by and featured in the news. I’ve written other articles on how to launch an effective public relations campaign, which would be worth reviewing. Your best bet is to bring a company or consultant on board that has experience and can work with you to launch an effective campaign. If that’s not possible, do some homework, learn the process and give it a stab on your own.

Along with launching a PR and media relations outreach consider adding the following:

First and foremost create a compelling website or a blog with a compelling design and an easy to read layout. This doesn’t have to be a bells and whistles affair. Make it clean, easy to read and simple to navigate.

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Utilize Social Media including Facebook and Twitter.

If you have a small budget for it, consider running Facebook and Google ads; consider forum marketing.

Edit some compelling, short videos to use as teasers for your film

Tag your videos. Be sure to use keywords that effectively describe your videos in the associated tags for effective SEO.

Submit your video to directories and social bookmarking sites to help up your Google ranking

There is quite a lot you can do to help market, publicize and promote your film. I believe that the most effective approach is to combine blogging and social media marketing with traditional PR and media relations. As a filmmaker, this is an exciting time. Now more than ever you can take steps that can help ensure the success of your projects and your careers. Be bold. Go for it.

See you at the movies.

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