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Evan Almighty – An Epic Sequel

Evan Almighty – An Epic Sequel

Steve Carell plays Evan in Evan Almighty who is a congressman with a family. His body begins going through some weird changes. He does his usual morning routine and shaves. He looks back in the mirror and the beard is back. He knows that he cannot go to work like this so he puts on a disguise, which everyone notices.

Later that evening he gets a huge shipment of wood and is visited by God. God tells him to build an ark just like Noah. There is just one problem, Evan doesn’t want to and it is in the middle of a drought. With some persistence, Evan gives in and begins making the Ark. He gets some help from some early arriving animals. His family is concerned since Evan begins building a boat. At first, they think that he is having a midlife crisis which has developed into a larger than life hobby. Even all the neighbors begin thinking that he is nuts. He is even seen on the news by fellow congressmen. They soon decide that he in not in his right mind and is told not to come back to work.

The city soon finds out about it and since he did not get a permit to build it, he must take it down. Instead of taking it down, he pleads for everyone laughing at him to join him on the boat. A big wrecking ball is brought in. He is given one hour to get off the boat so the city can destroy it. At this point he has convinced his family to get on board with his plan. He continues to refuse. Find out if building this boat is destroyed and all for nothing or if there really was a method to the madness.

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