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Best Movie Themes Song Magic Can Make Millions

If you are a musician, and you really want to make money, then there are ways to do it which will boost your career and your bank account. Of course, if you just like the idea of being a rockstar, or getting in front of a bunch of people who are screaming your name, then perhaps the advice in this article won’t be for you. You see, some of the best money to be made in the music industry is by creating Best Movie Themes songs, as the royalties are great, and the initial money being paid is as well.

Making Movie Songs?

Is it hard to get a gig making Best Movie Themes songs? No not really, and one of the easiest ways to break into the business is to find a movie that will surely have a sequel, and come up with similar music (similar beat and intensity) from the original movie, and take it to the director personally. Of course, you have to pitch your movie theme song before they actually start shooting the sequel, because by then the director will be busy, and probably already have in their mind what they’d like to use.
Once you get your first movie theme song, then you will be listed in the movie credits, and you will get more business because of it, and if it is a hit, wow you won’t believe the new business it will generate. Someone will like that theme song, and want something similar perhaps for their Best Movie Themes. After you do a few you will build a name for yourself. Indeed, this is a good way to break into the business, and get a following. It doesn’t take much to take a theme song, change a few lyrics and make it into a hit single. if you wish to be rich and famous or that urge comes to mind, you will then be well on your way.
There’s lots of money to be made when the music industry is merged with the movie business. After all, it’s all the same people, and it’s all entertainment. It’s amazing how much crossover there is between the two industries, and it is also fascinating how the success and notoriety can feed upon itself by straddling these two venues. One of the popular theme songs from the Best Movie Themes; Top Gun, was Kenny Logins’ Danger Zone, it was that song that made theĀ personal best movie what it is, and kept Kenny Logins’ career alive for a good number of additional years. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, and if you have a good movie theme song, shoot me an e-mail.

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