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The Carousel Dinner Landmark Theaters Denver

Akron Ohio’s Carousel Dinner Landmark Theaters Denver has “expect the unexpected” as its motto. People place prime importance on their leisure time. As a result they select dinner theater for entertainment.
The Carousel theater calls itself the largest professional dinner theater in the country, but many dinner theaters seem to make that claim. Whether it really is the largest or not, it is one of the best. Carousel productions are put on by union members. It’s not just a matter of supporting unions. Union talents and workers tend to be the most proficient.

The Carousel

The Carousel transferred to its present location in 1988 after 15 years in business in a converted supermarket. People can go there for the traditional dinner and a show, or see the show while skipping the meal. Over the last few years the production quality has risen, attracting even more serious professionals from the New York Landmark Theaters Denver business. As a result show quality has improved.
“Wicked” has been a very popular play. This is the story of the Wicked Witch of the West, Glinda the Good Witch, and their families and lives before the events of the Wizard of Oz. Patrons are urged to see the story that started it all, as Carousel dinner Landmark Theaters Denver is currently showing the Wizard of Oz. The frame around the stage that moves the sets around, the Proscenium, is very intricate.
Many Broadway productions eventually find their way to the Carousel. In 2008 “the Odd Couple” played there. It has hosted many others including Footloose and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Here you can enjoy good food and Broadway without going to Broadway. 2009 will be a big season for theĀ allen theaters with classics like My Fair Lady and brand new plays like High School Musical.
The Carousel Dinner Theater gives Akron’s citizens and visitors a taste of the New York nightlife. Take a look, you might be surprised.

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