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We Can Communicate With Limitlessness

We Can Communicate With Limitlessness

I have tried my very best, for many years to remove all drama and ego (and all negative words, as well) from my speaking and writing, and I get banned from academic associations, and I have experienced academic and social isolation as a result. However, instead of giving up and re-joining the politically correct majority I prefer the isolation and this is why:

Hardly a word can be said nowadays (except perhaps about the weather) than it results in a complaint from someone that is so dramatic, that there is a call for silencing, censoring, and/or I am told that I am making someone uncomfortable! I have tried to find a way to get around political correctness, other than blabbering on about the weather, incessantly. Perhaps we are all so super sensitized to being politically correct, that we all could use some de-conditioning. It seems as though we have all chosen (well “chosen” perhaps by default since there are few, if any, alternatives available) a vicarious existence. It is as if we have all been resigned to living like those citizens in matrix, ie robotic like. These vicarious existences thrive on dramas of all kinds. This is because our vicarious lives are lives empty of unique meaning. We all have ascribed, and therefore limited ie approved of meaning that we strive for: the perfect family, the American dream, patriotism at any cost, etc. However, we can reclaim or claim for the first time, our dramatic, defensive, distracted minds and lives, and our consciousness. We can get them out of “hock”, because we have all “pawned” our minds, our lives, our consciousness, due to fears of being politically incorrect.

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We need to focus on flow (being in the present moment, in the now, in the present). Instead of using our energy to focus and develop limitless consciousness, paradoxically, we “focus” on limitless distractibility, ie multi tasking becomes, scanning which in turn becomes almost total lack of consciousness. Instead of focussing totally in the present, we are distracted and addicted to dramatic labels and stereotypes (comparisons, judgements, categories of all kinds) instead of giving validity to our uniqueness. We give our validity to “politically correct” others who are themselves vicariously ‘living”! What results is that we “wear” our dramas, our politically correct masks instead of live our unique lives.

We need to see the “loss” of political correctness as its opposite, namely a gained opportunity. When and if we are criticized, we need to de-escalate any and all provocations, by saying “you are only practicing to provoke me, you are an expert at provoking yourself”.