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Planet Hulk, the Movie

Planet Hulk, the Movie

Planet Hulk is a surprisingly emotional journey for the big green menace. Earth’s heroes have determined that the Hulk is too dangerous. They decide that they have to send him into space to live on another planet. Unfortunately, Hulk’s ship is sucked into a wormhole on the journey and he lands on Sakaar.

As soon as the Hulk crashes on the planet he is captured and made a slave to fight in the gladiatorial arena. Due to his incredible size and strength, he is a natural fighter and quickly slays many opponents. He quickly becomes a crowd favorite, and for the first time he is respected for his savage brutality instead of feared.

One of Hulk’s fellow gladiators is the daughter of a senator and part of the resistance against the Red King, the ruler of Sakaar. The resistance attempts to recruit Hulk, but he is not interested, he is only fighting for his survival.

The intriguing aspect of this movie is it is about just the Hulk. Bruce Banner does not make an appearance at all in the movie. This makes the Hulk’s emotional and personal growth in this movie even more remarkable. We get to see the savage beast grow into a person. The main catalyst for this growth is the people around him on this new planet. On Earth, the Hulk was always treated as a monster and feared. On Sakaar he is treated as a man and through his actions he is respected. He can by no means be called a genius, but he becomes a lot more intelligent and articulate.

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The fighting and action sequences are superb. The animation quality of super hero cartoon movies has risen in recent years. The motion is fluid and the coloring and shading is gorgeous. The artists that did this movie paid a lot of attention to coloring and how it affects the mood of each scene. The end result is a beautiful piece of art.

In conclusion, for any Hulk fan Planet Hulk is a must see movie. The story is rich and intriguing. The artwork is gorgeous. It’s Geektime gives Planet Hulk a 9 on the d10 of superheroes.