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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Movie Review

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Movie Review

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two is the second of two romantic vampire films that make up the conclusion of the Twilight Saga that I saw over the weekend. All three main cast members, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner are back. Solid and possible record breaking business is expected due to it being the only new release over the past weekend. However did it go out with a bang or with a whimper?

Part 2 picks up right after the first one with Bella, after giving birth to her daughter Renesmee, is now a full fledged vampire. Bella finds herself enjoying this new life in a couple of early sequences that show off her speed and hunting skills as she goes one on one with a mountain lion. Bella also learns the differences between the lives of vampires and humans from some coaching by the other clan members. Minor drama aside, all seems to go along well.

However a new crisis looms as her daughter Renesmee has been mistakenly identified as an “immortal child”, a child who has been turned into a vampire, therefore conflicting with the laws of vampire culture. The Volturi, enforcers of the vampire laws, plan to destroy Renesmee, Bella and Edward. In order to survive they must gather other vampires from around the world to challenge the Volturi and possibly fight if they must, for the right to live.

The direction of the movie is pretty fast paced and is over rather quickly with a lot of time spent with events that steered toward its conclusion. The acting is more of the same and you will either like it or not. I fell more-so towards the latter.

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The sequence at the end was put together very well and was pretty violent however there is a twist at the end that made everything before it irrelevant and it was pleasing to most of the audience but it kinda disappointed me.

I must say that I was never really into the Twilight Series and I gave the last one a pretty bad score however this one was a lot better and i just resigned myself to the fact that these movies are not for me lol. However fans will be satisfied with its conclusion and I’m sure that they will enjoy it much more than I did.

Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part Two C

Rated PG-13 for violence and some sexuality.