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10 Reasons Childhood Beats Adulthood

10 Reasons Childhood Beats Adulthood

Movie marathon sleepovers ran up to the finish line

No one would dare close an eye until the last movie played and the popcorn was finished. Today if any adult makes it past the first movie without falling asleep, it is considered a fun-filled evening.

Friendships were as easy as tick the block

There were no cheesy lines. You had a simple note passed to you and you had to answer his question; “would you be my friend, tick the following: yes/no/maybe? If you answered yes, it meant having someone to push you on the swing every day.

Your duvet was your castle

We all raided the linen cupboard and made tents from our bed sheets in the aim to build the perfect sanctuary.

You had a personal chauffeur

In the back seat of the car, seat belt on, a quick nap and all of a sudden, you’re there! No effort at all! No worries about traffic jams, bad drivers, faulty GPS coordinates and Tyre pressure.

You looked trendy in a princess outfit

Bright pink dress? Check. Magic wand? Check. Crown? Check. Ready for the day! There was no need to worry about what the magazines say about the latest trends.

A grazed knee got you a lot of attention

Falling down and crying “ouch” got you picked up by caring adults who praised you for being so brave. If you ended up at the doctor for stitches, they gave you a lollipop to take home. Now you’ll be asked which medical insurance you are on and whether you’re covered for negligence.

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Protecting your LEGO was your only mission

The hardest lesson you ever learn to was to share your toys. As an adult try having to share the bathroom with your spouse, your salary with your ever growing debt and your wardrobe with your sister.

Dinner parties were simple

Hot dogs! That was all you needed. Now if you have ten guests for dinner you need to think of a menu that accommodates the vegetarians, the couple that is allergic to nuts and the friend who is on a diet.

When you were sick mum was always there

A light cough ensured that we were bedridden for a day and served chicken soup. As an adult you need to, among other things, end up checking your emails out of sheer panic that there might be an emergency.

You never had to pay

Everything you did was paid for.