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Twilight – A Short Review

Twilight – A Short Review

Watching movies has been my fashion. Have you seen the movie Twilight? I have been a fan of this series for a long time. I have been reading the books of Stephanie Meyers and I have been so thrilled about watching it on the theater.

The characters did not fail my expectations. Bella and Edward were simply the best couple. Once you see it you would surely wonder how it would be like to be a vampire. Though there are a lot of fans with the two of them and a lot of them are wishing how it would be like to fall in love with a vampire.

Truly the movie is very romantic where a teenage girl Bella Swan fell in love with a vampire played by Edward Cullen. She was willing to risk her life and accept entirely the person that she loves, although they had a lot of problems with being together because of the danger of Bella’s life. Edward is very protective of Bella that he would do anything to keep her safe.

What made Edward fall in love with her is because of her scent. That makes it hard for him to resist. Another is that Edward has this certain gift of reading people’s mind and he can’t do it with Bella. That triggered Edward’s curiosity with this girl. She is just an ordinary human but could somehow resist a vampire’s gift.

It is a very good movie to watch. You should try watching it. Well if you are fond of watching movies that are romantic or adventure. This would be a great film. Though this movie is still the first part of the four series, it would be great to see all of the parts. It has great effects and you will see the great powers of vampires. Though the werewolf has not shown in this story yet you better not miss this part.

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