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Top DVD Movie Rentals – How to Choose a Top DVD Rentals Company

Top DVD Movie Rentals – How to Choose a Top DVD Rentals Company

There are many providers who offer what I like to call movie by mail. This article will look at the top DVD movie rentals companies out there on the market today and what each of them can offer you.

As I stated above there are many companies that you can choose from, however you only want the best, so from this pile of movie rental companies I have narrowed them down to the top two rentals companies just for you.

In this article I will compare both Netflix and Blockbuster. These are the top two movie rental company in the UK at the time of writing and my research has shown me exactly why.

Both Netflix and Blockbuster have over 100,000 movies to rent, they also charge the same competitive prices for their service. So far they both offer the same value, however closer inspection shows the little differences between the two.

Netflix offer 1000 movies available to be streamed as soon as you join them. This means that you can watch some movies on your computer straight away. I think this is excellent, however some people may not own large computer monitors and if they do not then watching a Hollywood action movie on a tiny screen really would not do the movie any justice.

Blockbuster on the other hand do not offer this service, they do however allow you to go into store and pick up your favourite movies and drop them off, this speeds up the whole process of renting your movies so this means you can watch much more and much quicker than you would than if you used Netflix.

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Blockbuster also offers you the option to watch movies on Blu Ray at no extra charge, Netflix however do charge for this service.

As you can see from above, there is not that much between the top DVD movie rentals companies in the UK and choosing which one is best comes down to your individual circumstances.