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This is It – Starring Michael Jackson

“This is It” – Starring Michael Jackson

“This Is It” is an unforgettable documentary showing Michael Jackson in rehearsal for the show he was planning on taking on tour before his untimely death. Whether you are a fan of Michael’s or not, you will get to see the talent, genius, and dedication he had for his fans, his staff, and the talented young people who were chosen to appear with him on stage for a World tour of 50 shows entitled “This Is It”! Their devotion to him as well truly comes across in this film.

I was truly mesmerized by seeing Jackson on stage after a ten year “retirement”. He was absolutely amazing in this filming of the rehearsals leading up to his death. He looked great and based on what I saw, all that talk about him not being ready or prepared for this tour were completely untrue. The film was expertly edited and the sound and effects were very professional and of award winning quality given the circumstances of this event. The numbers were truly creative and if you were expecting his old stuff, you will be greatly surprised. He did some of his classic songs such as “Smooth Criminal” and “Billie Jean” and a fantastic new meant-to- be 3-D version of “Thriller”. I thought the highlight was his tribute to the environment which illustrated his message of love and humanity for this planet.

The movie is being shown for just two weeks in cities around the world. It opened last weekend which means it will only run for one more week. It is worth seeing. It has Academy Award written all over it and it will leave you feeling how much we lost in this very talented and loving individual who had problems with addictions which he was never able to overcome, but left this world too soon for his fans, family, and children. I can’t wait for the DVD.

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