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New Vision Theaters

Making Movies More Realistic With New New Vision Theaters Technology

Those who watch a movie in a 4D movie New Vision Theaters can physically experience what they are watching instead of just viewing the video on a screen. Movies at Disney World can be viewed by this new method. While watching in the same way as in the case of a regular movie, the surroundings will function according to what happens in the movie so that the viewer is getting a physical experience. The fourth dimension of the movie pertains to the physical effects such as heat, cold, wind and smell etc. For example; when the viewer hears the sound of a blast in the movie and watches the blast site, he will also feel his seat getting hot. In this way the surroundings change their physical states in unison with the movie.

Types of Movies

These types of movies have added a new dimension to commercial advertising. While elaborately describing the qualities of a perfume, if the viewer gets an aroma of the perfume, it will be much more convincing. There are many professional organizations with vast experience and latest technologies that provide 4D and 5D effects for cinema houses, malls, theme parks and museums etc. They undertake the projects to provide 4D effect installation and testing. They also undertake conversion of existing New Vision Theaters into the new type by making necessary changes in the seating as well as other aspects.
4D movie New Vision Theaters is now a place for maximum enjoyment and excitement. Each of these theaters claims that the 4D experience provided by them to the viewers is superior to that of any other theater. Most of the viewers feel that in various aspects these movies look much better and more comfortable than watching them in the traditional way. Leading cinema houses of this new genre offer special rates for particular shows and also offer discounts for children as well as aged people. They also arrange for special shows of the movies in connection with birthday parties and other celebrations.
TheseĀ allen theaters offer the viewers 3D technology with 4d effects such as heat, wind, aroma etc. There are movies that provide the physical experience of water current. Aquariums are made so amazing thanks to the new technology. The snow, bubbles that burst with a fragrance and the sprays of mist around makes the viewer to feel that he is seated inside the aquarium. These movies are the best to educate children about various aspects of aquariums and moreover they spread the message of conservation of the aquariums. The films are of very short durations only.

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