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Great Ideas For Throwing a New Moon Themed Twilight Party

Great Ideas For Throwing a New Moon Themed Twilight Party

One of the biggest movies releases this fall will be the movie adaptation of New Moon. New Moon is the second installation in the wildly popular Twilight series. The series is based on four novels by author, Stephenie Meyers and is about the challenging romance between a human girl, Bella Swan, and a vampire Edward Cullen. In the second installation Bella is abandoned by Edward and a love triangle develops with far reaching consequences as she gets close to her child hood friend Jacob Black who is revealed to be a werewolf. This fall celebrate the release of this movie at your birthday, Halloween, or movie release party. A great way to do so is a have a New Moon themed party with Twilight Party supplies and favors. Here are some great suggestions to get you started as you start planning your event.

First off the theme for New Moon is vampires versus werewolves. If you have seen movies like Van Helsing or Underworld you know that vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. In New Moon it’s no different and Bella is caught in the middle. For decorations you can use movie posters of actors in the Twilight movie franchise. Try to use posters of Jacob Black and Edward Cullen to decorate the walls of your party location. You can also get life sized cut-outs of the characters for your guests to take pictures with. Another thing to do is to use the imagery of the book cover. The image on the cover is a tulip so use them freely in decorating the venue. You can use them in centerpieces and other decorations.

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For food you can do a lot of different things. One great idea is to have wolf shaped chocolates and cookies. Also try to find similar themed candies online. Of course since this is also a book where we meet Italian vampires serve staples like lasagne, pizza, and spaghetti and meatballs with extra sauce. Also don’t forget to have red drinks like cranberry juice and Cool-Aid. You can also serve moon shaped snacks as well in honor of the book’s title.

Another thing to consider while you are planning your party is the music. You can go to Stephenie Meyer’s website and get a playlist of the songs she listened to as she wrote New Moon. If you need more music extrapolate by finding more music by the artists on the playlists. This will help add variety. Another good idea is to mix in some top 40 hits to provide some great dance music.

Of course you also have to have great party favors. There are several options available. For example you can give wolf and moon bracelet charms to keep with the theme. You can also give promotional items from the movie like posters, pins, or pens. Of course you can also go with edible favors. Try to get twilight themed candies or make red velvet cupcakes. These will be great hits as gifts for your guests.

Last but not least try to come up with activities that everyone can enjoy. A great idea is to have trivia games based on the book. You can read lines from the book where either vampires or werewolves used their abilities and have guests guess which powers are werewolf powers and which were vampire powers.

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