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8 Artistic, Striking, Memorable, Chic and Innovative Movie Production Company Logos

8 Artistic, Striking, Memorable, Chic and Innovative Movie Production Company Logos

Below mentioned are some unique, memorable, distinct and creatively designed movie production brand marks that have made their companies swell with pride.

1. Focus features:

Most of the times movie production logos consist of symbols, letters or illustrations but this company has crafted their monogram with a photograph of slightly blurred circles in different shades of blue and gray with the business name written in the front. The business name is clearly readable which makes it relatable to the company name.

2. Capitol Films:

They have created their emblem in multi dimensions which makes it sophisticated and chic. The text has been placed diagonally so that you can see half the image in the shadow that the text creates underneath it. The black, white and silver tones make this symbol urbane and stylish.

3. Anchor Bay Entertainment:

If your company is named anchor bay then it is a very good idea to accommodate that into your brand mark and that is what this famous corporation has done. Here, you see the letter ‘A’ crafted to look like the sail of a ship. The Caribbean blue color of the text coupled with white background makes it simple and memorable.

4. The Weinstein Company:

A graphic and 3 dimensional emblem, this trademark consists of the letter ‘W’ that also doubles as the letter ‘V’. The black and silver colors of the image make it striking and dramatic.

5. Gener8Xion Entertainment:

Their emblem is big, bold and multi dimensional. It contains an image of a big sized letter X with an image of a billiard’s solid ball with number 8. The prominent colors in the image are black and dark blue with the text is silverfish beige color.

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6. Possibility Pictures:

A very smart emblem, it contains a wooden box with the back lid open that is not visible to the viewers. The brown tones of the entire emblem add an earthy and imaginative touch to the symbol while the mysterious box is the perfect image to instigate curiosity of the possibilities within us.

7. First Look Studios:

It contains a close up of a human eye with the company name above and beneath the image. The green colored eyes coupled with the straightness of the fonts depicts that the company is imaginative and yet professional.

8. Triumph films:

This is probably one of the simplest production company logos ever seen yet it is pleasant to look at and memorable. It consists of the company name in straight type face with an image of a shell substituting as the dot on the letter ‘I’. The line between the words triumph and films makes the symbol clean cut and compact.

In conclusion, they might not be the best or most successful of the companies but they have certainly made a mark for themselves in the designing world.