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DVD Movie Club – A Fun Way to See Films

DVD Movie Club – A Fun Way to See Films

It’s no secret that everybody loves a good movie. Drama, comedy, action, horror or musicals, there is definitely something that will tickle your senses! Movies can be great way to relax in the company of family and friends or spend some quality time together with your partner. But with the global recession playing killjoy, you might no longer be able to splurge on movie tickets every week. Movie tickets are also not getting any cheaper. So does this mean that you have to give up your passion for movies? Definitely not, and to know why, just read on.

The alternative to watching movies at a theater is to watch them at home. And this is the reason why, an online DVD movie club is the buzz in town right now. You do not have to spend money in buying DVD titles which are expensive and lie unused once you have watched the movie. After all, how many times do you catch the movies in your DVD collection at home? The truth is that you would rather watch a fresh flick than one you have already enjoyed in the past.

A DVD movie club gives you the access to new movies, without having to spend a fortune. In case you are thinking that a DVD movie club is just like your corner video-store you could not be any wider off the mark! This is because a movie club is not a brick and mortar store. It is an online shop that you can visit 24×7 without having to leave your home. For a small membership fee, you can:

• Go online

• Browse through the latest movie titles

• Pick the ones you want and place your order

• Get your selected titles delivered at your doorstep.

• Enjoy the movies!

Most movie clubs allow you to retain the title as long as you want (no due dates!) with the only catch being that you must return the previous title before getting a new DVD. There is also the option of an instant download, if you are a real net savvy person and do not mind watching the movie on your PC or laptop instead of the big screen TV. If you have a high-speed internet connection, you can also watch your chosen movie via video streaming. Most movie clubs offer a free trial before you become a member. It is a good idea to get a sample of things before you actually open your wallet. Once you are convinced, become a member and enjoy!…


The Best Tom Cruise Movies Of All Time

The Best Tom Cruise Movies Of All Time

Whether or not you like the guy, it is tough to deny that Tom Cruise is a worldwide superstar. Cruise has been in the Hollywood spotlight for almost 30 years, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Sure, he’s had his share of duds over the years, but he has also starred in some amazing films.

This article will highlight what I believe to be the best films that Tom Cruise has starred in.

The first movie I will mention also happened to be my Halloween costume last year, and that film was Risky Business. The scene in this movie where Cruise is running around his house in sunglasses and socks has become an iconic scene.

Another great Tom Cruise movie that I thoroughly enjoyed was The Last Samurai. This is a great war epic, taking place in 1800s Japan at a time when the Samurai and their traditions were being wiped out of existence. This is a fantastic movie.

One movie that I have to include on any list of Tom Cruise films is without a shadow of a doubt, Vanilla Sky. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is one of those films that the more times you watch it, the more you pick up on.

One other great film of Tom Cruise’s is also an iconic film, and that is none other than Top Gun. This was good as early 1990s action got. Everything from the flight scenes to the dialogue is great in this movie.

Another movie that I would like to mention is the Steven Spielberg directed Minority Report. This movie takes place in a futuristic world where crime does not exist due to technology that allows police officers to see into the future and prevent crimes before they happen.

These are just some of the greatest Tom Cruise movies, but there are surely others which I have failed to mention. If you have not seen any movies on this list, then you have some work to do, as they are all worthy of seeing.…


Learn Filmmaking With a Film School Starter Course

Learn Filmmaking With a Film School Starter Course

If you are interested in a career in filmmaking, film workshops and film schools are good places to gain formal training. Add experience, creativity, and talent and you may have what it takes to get an entry-level job in this dynamic and exciting profession. Employment in the motion picture and video industries is expected to increase over the next few years. While competition will be very strong for high-profile jobs as writers, directors, and producers, a number of other filmmaking professionals will be in greater demand.

Filmmaking Professions

Filmmaking is a complex process involving many different skilled jobs. Producers, actors, writers, and directors are the most visible of the filmmaking professionals, but they represent a small percentage of the number of people employed in the film industry. Filmmaking professionals include computer specialists, artists and animators, graphic designers, audio and video technicians, camera operators, writers, editors, graphic designers, and more. According to the U.S. Government, the best job prospects in filmmaking over the next decade will be for computer specialists, editors, sound engineers, computer animators, and digital filmmakers. Small and independent film companies may offer the best entry-level job opportunities in filmmaking.

According to government statistics, most producers and directors work in the motion picture, video, radio, and television industries. As you would expect, California employed the most producers and directors in 2009, and paid the highest salaries. New York ranked second.

Sound engineers operate the equipment to record music, voices, and sound effects. They learn how to set up and operate the sound equipment at film schools and colleges. California and New York have ten times the number of sound engineers than any other states.

While sound engineers produce the audio portion of films and videos, camera operators produce the images. They learn the art and craft at film schools, colleges, universities, or photographic institutes. Oregon is the top-paying state, even though California employs over ten times as many sound engineers. As with most film-related occupations, competition for top jobs is keen.

Film and video editors edit soundtracks, film, and video. Some camera operators do their own editing, while use professional editors. California has the largest number of film and video editors and is the top-paying state.

Film Programs, Directing Schools, and Film Workshops

As with most professions, both experience and training are needed to succeed in filmmaking. More and more colleges and universities are offering undergraduate and graduate film programs as well as non-degree courses. Technical institutes, art schools, and private career colleges have courses on the more technical and creative aspects of filmmaking.

Another way to learn about filmmaking is through self-study programs. Online classes, correspondence courses, and DVD courses allow aspiring filmmakers to learn about writing, directing, sound engineering, and camera work at their own pace while they fulfill their job and family responsibilities. Depending on the program, such film school starter courses may cover writing techniques, cinematography, dialog, content, and action techniques. A home study course can be the first step toward an exciting and rewarding career in the dynamic field of filmmaking.…


Hollywood Los Angeles – The City of the Stars

Hollywood Los Angeles – The City of the Stars

One mention of the word Hollywood and you immediately think of stars or celebrities. Because of Hollywood’s cultural identity as a movie studio and movie star hub, the term Hollywood has become a metonym for the United States cinema.

Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles, California, just west-northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Most people refer to Hollywood Los Angeles as “Tinseltown” because of all the glitz and the glamour of the movie industry. Even though some of the major studios have moved out of Hollywood Los Angeles and transferred to neighboring cities like Burbank and Los Angeles Westside, it is still a popular tourist spot.

What Hollywood Has to Offer

Hollywood Los Angeles has plenty of places and destinations that you can visit. Many historic Hollywood theaters are still used as venues and concert stages to premiere major theatrical releases and host the Academy Awards. You can find the Hollywood Walk of Fame and look for the stars of your favorite movie stars. The Walk of Fame was first created in 1958, and the first star was placed in 1960 as a tribute to artists working in the entertainment industry. An honorary receives a star based on career and lifetime achievements in motion pictures, live theater, radio, television, and or music as well as their charitable and civic contributions. Another popular landmark in Hollywood Los Angeles is the Kodak Theater, which opened in 2001. This is where the historic Hollywood Hotel once stood and is the new home to the Oscars.

If you want to check out a major movie studio facility, then the only one you can find in the area is that of Paramount Pictures. It is the only studio physically located within Hollywood. Other studios include Jim Henson Studios (famous for the Sesame Street and the Muppets), Sunset Gower Studios, and Raleigh Studios.

The Hollywood Revival

After years of serious decline, Hollywood was at the brink of extinction, when most of its landmarks were threatened with demolition. Today, Hollywood is undergoing rapid revitalization with the goal of urban density in mind. Plenty of developments are being done; several are centered in the Hollywood Boulevard itself. Particularly the Hollywood and Highland Complex, which has the same site as the Kodak Theatre, has been a major catalyst in the redevelopment of the area. There are also numerous fashionable bars, clubs, and retail businesses opening their doors in the area, giving it the chance to be one of the hottest nightspots in Los Angeles. If you are looking to stay permanently, there are also plenty of old buildings that are converted to lofts and condominiums and a W Hotel is also nearby.

Special Events and Places

Other places and landmarks you can visit in Hollywood Los Angeles include the Hollywood Bowl, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, The Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! Odditorium, and the Crossroads of the World. As for events, you have the Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade and the CINECON Classic Film Festival and Exposition that offers classic film memorabilia, expert presentations, author signing, and movie screenings with celebrity guests.…


80s Movie Quotes

80s Movie Quotes

The 80s were a fun decade of emerging pop culture in movies, entertainment and fashion. From the Rubik’s Cube to Star Search to parachute pants to Pac-Man: those were the days.

Let’s go back in time and remember the fun. These are some the best quotes from 80s movies:

Die Hard – “Come out to the coast. We’ll get together, have a few laughs.” – John McLain talking to himself while crawling through the airshaft.

St. Elmo’s Fire – “Drunk definitely. I don’t know if you could call it driving.” – Billy Hicks chuckles (in reference to the car accident he caused driving Wendy Beamish’s new car she got for graduation) after Alec Newberry tells him he is being arrested for drunk driving.

The Shining – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” – The narrative Jack Torrance has been writing as his novel all winter long while caretaker of the Overlook Hotel.

Summer School – “No, I’m teaching it.” – Freddy Schoop’s reaction on the first day of summer school when Dave and Chainsaw ask, “Mr. Schoop, wow, are you in this class too?”

Back To The Future – “Lorraine, my density has brought me to you.” – When George Mcfly first meets Lorraine in the shake shop and explains that he is her density… I mean destiny.

Platoon – “Shut up and take the pain. TAKE THE PAIN!” – Sgt. Barnes barks to the soldier, wounded by Sgt. O’Neill’s lame grenade toss, during the recon mission battle in which Junior falls asleep on his shift.

Legal Eagles – “Oh. Lets give her a fair trial… And then convict her.” – Defense Attorney Tom Logan in reference to his client Chelsea Deardon argues with the juror who asks “Isn’t she entitled to a fair trial?”

Amadeus – “That doesn’t really work, does it?” – Amadeus critiques the simple courtesy entrance march that Salieri composed while meeting the Emperor Joseph. He then proceeds to rework it to his own liking.

Dead Poet’s Society – “Thank you Mr. Dalton. You just illustrated the point.” – Mr. Keating commends Charlie Dalton when he explains that he is “exercising the right NOT to walk” during the lesson in the courtyard on conformity.

Coming To America – “Damn, that boy can sang… he good!” – referring to Randy Watson and his band Sexual Chocolate.

Batman – “Of course, if any one else calls you Beast… I’ll rip their lungs out!” – The Joker refers to Vicky Vale and himself as Beauty and the Beast.

Terms Of Endearment – “I was just inches from a clean getaway.” – Garrett Breedlove answers Aurora after she questions his reaction of being told that she loves him.

An American Werewolf In London – “A naked American man just stole my balloons.” – A little British boy exclaims right after David wakes up naked in the park from a night as a wolf and then steals the boy’s set of balloons to cover up.…


Movie Night At a Nursing Home or Retirement Home

Movie Night At a Nursing Home or Retirement Home

Living in a nursing home or a retirement home and adjusting to a new lifestyle away from home and familiar things can be difficult for residents. Special activities to help residents relax and bond with other residents are common in nursing and retirement homes. Movie nights make an excellent addition to a nursing home’s activity list. Here’s how to create a movie night to remember for nursing home or retirement home residents that will bring back special memories and allow them to create new memories.

Set the Scene

Movie events are great because modern technology can be used to create wonderful, nostalgic events. Nursing home residents, depending on their individual ages, are likely to have been young during the peak of the drive-in movie in the 1950’s and 1960’s. A large movie screen, like an inflatable one, can create an authentic drive-in movie or indoor movie theatre experience.

You can choose to create an outdoor event on a warm summer night, using an inflatable movie screen set up in a courtyard or even the parking lot. Create a true drive-in movie experience by adding concessions like popcorn, other movie snacks and drinks to the event. Be sure to provide comfortable seating for residents to enjoy the experience.

Alternatively, the event could be held indoors any time of the year. Make it a night to remember by setting up a red carpet, and providing comfortable seating. Decorate in keeping with the theme of the movie, or in the style of the 1950’s or 1960’s. Movie theatre style candy, popcorn and drinks can be served to create an authentic movie theatre experience.

Choose the Film

Choose a film that will appeal to residents, or let the residents vote on a movie for the evening. Offer options or choose a film that was popular during the 50’s or 60’s, and fill the residents with special memories of the drive-in movie theatre.

Movie nights are a great choice for a nursing home or retirement home activity because a movie night can both transport residents back to fond memories in their lives, and give residents a chance to relax and meet and spend time with others living in the residence. Activities that combine fond past memories and give residents a chance to create new memories will help residents who might be having a difficult time adjusting to feel more comfortable in the nursing or retirement home setting.…


An Adventures Journey Through The 2010 Child Costume Ideas

An Adventures Journey Through The 2010 Child Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, every individual starts a complex preparation for that special moment, hoping to receive all the appreciation and to become for one night an incredible movie or fairytale character. For children, the celebration of Halloween has a magic touch, which fulfills their dreams to become someday a brave superhero. This special night, is the perfect opportunity for you and your children to take a fascinating journey through the magic childhood stories. As being one of the most important and enjoyable celebration for children, is extremely important that the child costume ideas are influenced by the latest trends.

The 2010 Halloween costumes bring a great variety of influences from the latest movie heroes, popular and classical Disney animation and also from the PC Game World. In order to choose the best child movie costume you have to be properly informed about the latest trends in the cinema industry and also to know what the inspiring movie characters are. Taking an important role in the selection of your child costume will link a memorable connection and will bring special moments. This Halloween the best child costume ideas are inspired by the blockbuster “Iron Man”, by the Disney everlasting masterpiece “Alice in Wonderland” and by the timeless Nintendo game “Super Mario”.

The 2010 most popular and enjoyable child movie costume is by far Iron Man 2. The fascinating blockbuster, which presents a non conventional and brilliant hero, made people all over the world classify it as the contemporary superhero, fighting for an actual and painful cause, related to nuclear weapons. The movie enchanted individuals from all ages with the incredible powerful costume. If your child always dreamy to be the most incredible superhero of all the time, the Iron Man costume is the perfect choice. You can purchase from the Halloween stores the most incredible and realistic Iron Man Costume sets, which include: a red and golden overall suite, with a glowing arc reactor in the chest and a plastic mask, which will make the child movie costume, a veritable miniature superhero outfit. You can also purchase a great variety of matching accessories, such us: red gloves, top coated boots and even Tony Shark`s facial hair.

Another en vogue choice for your little girl is the child Disney costume, Alice in Wonderland. This everlasting fairytale gained popularity and an incredible fame, with the release of Tim Burton`s blockbuster, reviving and metamorphosing the colorful world of Alice. Every little girl will be enchanted by the Alice in Wonderland Costume and will have the opportunity to see for one night a marvelous fantasy world through the eyes of the adventures Alice. The Disney child costume includes a satin blue dress, a white petticoat and a delicate blue headband. For an authentic look, you should accessorize the outfit with long white stockings and a pair of glittering black shoes.

The child costume ideas are every year more and more challenging, but in the end everything that matters is a memorable night spent with your loved ones.…


A Prophet Review

A Prophet Review

Prison films seem to be somewhat of a rare breed these days. While “Escape from Alcatraz” and “Shawshank Redemption” were viewed as great films by many, movies of this genre just don’t appear as frequently as they used to. A French made film called “A Prophet” is one of the more recent installments of this genre and takes a step in changing that.

“A Prophet” is a little different from your average prison tale. There are no positive life lessons here or anything concerning great escapes. This film is based around a young man named Malik (Tahar Rahim), who has been sentenced to six years in prison for assaulting police officers. Knowing no one, Malik is approached by a group of Corsican mobsters to perform a job. Not willing to risk his own men, the Corsican ring leader C?�sar Luciani (Niels Arestrup) gives him an offer that they won’t allow him to refuse. The options for Malik are simple, if he goes through with it, he gets protection during his stay in prison and if he rejects it, then he won’t make it out of prison.

Being alone, illiterate, and having no other options, Malik reluctantly agrees and receives the protection that was promised to him. During his time in prison, he learns to read by taking classes and picks up some important and valuable lessons about the world of organized crime while hanging around the Corsicans and their boss. We see Malik gain knowledge and experience as he climbs up the ladder and becomes involved in criminal activity. Whether its drugs, bribery, gambling, or even murder, Malik seems to be getting his hands in a bit of everything.

Using a different approach than the usual mafia or prison films, it shows the development of a man who never actually thought he’d be involved in organized crime. He becomes bigger and more powerful over time and becomes more than he thought he could be in that world. They do a good job illustrating this, how he got there, and the implications this has on everyone else around him. Even though it’s obvious to see what the main story is, there’s one side story that contains an interesting dynamic that involves Malik and Luciani. It truly stands out and helps to depict the purpose of the film. Almost everything seems to mesh together and that helps to set a satisfactory standard for the rest of the movie.

“A Prophet” gives you a lot of different things, but also manages to stay on a straight course as far as the plot is concerned. It’s not very violent, but the violence it contains is brutal and always relevant to the main point of the movie. For its story, its purposeful, but infrequent violence, and characters, this is a film that mature fans of mobster and prison films should be able to enjoy.

Score: 7/10

Rating: R

Director: Jacques Audiard


Tahar Rahim

Niels Arestrup

Adel Bencherif

Hichem Yacoubi

Reda Kateb

Adel Bencherif

Film Length: 155 minutes

Release Date: August 26, 2009 (France)

Distributor: UGC Distribution…


Why Are Anniversaries So Significant?

Today more than ever, we have to learn to value how much people mean in our lives and how strong our bonds can be. One of the most substantial ties is the one that unites us with the person we love, so now more than ever, it is crucial to make people feel that you love them and how grateful you are to have them in your life and to do so we leave you some unique anniversary gift ideas.

Yes, we all know that although in different countries there are different customs, there is supposed to be a standard established in terms of anniversary rules:

  • 1 Paper,
  • 5 Wood,
  • 10 Aluminum,
  • 15 Glass,
  • 20 Porcelain,
  • 25 Silver,
  • 30 Pearl,
  • 35 Coral,
  • 40 Ruby,
  • 45 Sapphire,
  • 50 Gold,
  • 60 Diamond.

Anniversaries are significant because:

THEY HELP STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS: when you celebrate an anniversary, it is inevitable that the feelings you shared and that you probably still share will arise. The celebration of an anniversary usually has a relaxed atmosphere, which revives those first feelings you had.

CLOSING A CYCLE AND OPENING A NEW CYCLE: The celebration marks the end of one stage and the beginning of another. Also, mentally we need internal closings, making evaluations. This way, you will build healthy relationships and feel happier.

HOMAGE: The anniversary celebration will be like a tribute to everything you have lived in that last year or stage. It is an excellent time to take stock and keep the positive aspects and overcome the negative ones together.

TALKING ABOUT OLD TIMES: The day of the anniversary is also something nostalgic. It will bring back old memories that I’m sure you’ll keep with a lot of love and will bring a smile to your face. Talking about the past and how things were before will help you get a little bit of that essence to the present.

CREATE NEW MEMORIES: Besides remembering, it is an ideal moment to create new memories. A family celebration is always a special event, and someone will undoubtedly read a dedication, tell a joke, or do something worth remembering. This day will be, in general, one more moment for you to reflect on your next anniversary.

RENEWING THE PHOTO ALBUM: I’m sure it’s been a long time since you printed photos as you used to and put them in an album. It’s an anniversary, and you can take new pictures and choose the ones you like best to return to the “tradition” of albums, even if you also save them on your computer.

If you are invited to an anniversary celebration, or if you are the one who wants to make a unique anniversary gift for your partner, we leave you some ideas to make original anniversary gifts so that your detail is never forgotten.

Be original: try to innovate and not fall into the clichés. Think about their tastes and emotional details that can be adjusted to them.

Personalized gifts: if you want them to be excited and your gift to be the most shocking, prepare a personalized gift. Something that summarizes their story expresses what they mean to you that day and that no one else will have. One option that’s catching on is personalized songs. With them, you can transmit a message of love and gratitude that will also last over time.