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Dark Movie Genre


Are Modern Horror Dark Movie Genre Any Good?

There’s no denying it, horror is one of the biggest and most popular Dark Movie Genre genres there what is it that makes horror films so appealing?
People love to be scared and watching a horror movie is a great way to experience being scared in a safe there’s the social aspect, watching a horror with friends, and laughing aloud when one of them jumps at a particular scene makes for an entertaining night out. Horror movies have entertained the masses for popularity of the horror movie just seems to get bigger every year.
I absolutely love horrors, flesh eating zombies,vampires even murdering psychopath’s it’s all in my opinion, the horror movies coming out right now are just not as good as they used to be.

Great Horror Movie

Let’s take the Saw series  for example, saw was a great horror Dark Movie Genre. It was different from anything that had been done before and in many ways it broke the mould from your typical horror picture. It had it all gore,action,suspense and more than enough plot twists to keep any horror fan happy. Then they went and committed the cardinal sin of horror movies. They made a sequel, not just one sequel four sequels. So we are now on saw 5 and god help us saw 6 is on the way.
I’m not saying that any of the saw sequels were particularly bad but by making so many they have taken away the originality that made the original Saw so good. Another problem I have with the so called modern horror  is that they rely way too much on gore and gross out tactics. Whatever happened to being scared without seeing a head chopped off?
The most notable example of modern horror Dark Movie Genre resorting to gore and gross out tactics is the Hostel series. Again i’m not saying that these were bad films (okay so hostel 2 was a bit bad) but they rely more on blood and guts than classic scares.
Thankfully not all modern horrors use these cheap tricks. Take for example Last House On The Left. While the film did have a few gory scenes one of which included a microwave and a head, the rest of the film is carried by  good old fashioned suspense. I wont spoil the grim movie genre but if you haven’t  seen it I highly recommend it.
Regardless of my opinion on current horror movies it’s obvious that this genre will continue to entertain us for many years to come.…

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Home Cinemark Theaters

Cinemark Theaters – Selecting the Right Video Display

If you are thinking about building a Home Cinemark Theaters for your house one of the most important components will be the video display or more commonly known as the TV. This article will review some of the features you need to consider when choosing the right TV for your particular Home Theater.


Most people when choosing the size of the TV will think the bigger the better. But this isn’t necessarily true. The rule of thumb for choosing the right size Cinemark Theaters TV has more to do with how far away you will be viewing from than the actually overall size of the screen. In the case of Cable TV’s you want a vertical screen span of 4 inches for every foot you will be sitting away from the screen. It goes up to 5 inches per foot for Satellite or DVDs and 6 inches for HDTVs.
For example if you are going to be sitting in a very comfortable recliner about 6 feet away from the video display screen, you would want that screen to measure about 24 inches from corner to corner if you have a cable feed, satellite or DVD feed would be 30 inches and if you are watching an HDTV you would want a screen about 36 inches. These rules of thumb have been determined by most manufacturers as optimal for the best viewing experience.


When considering the best TV for your Home Cinemark Theaters, price will definitely be a major consideration for most people. You want to determine how you are going to be viewing the TV and what features and benefits you absolutely must have, because there is a huge variation in price ranges once you start adding on the bells and whistles.
You will want to spend a lot of your planning time on this step to find out what is available and what you really must have to enjoy the total Home Theater experience. One quick tip is when you finally make up your mind what you want and are at the shopping and buying stage, just take the exact amount of cash you need and don’t take any credit cards. This way you can’t be talked into spending more than you wanted when the salesperson starts flashing those shiny new things at you.


There are basically three main choices when considering what type of TV you want. There is the front projection, the rear projection and the Plasma TVs. These are the types that most experts agree are best for the Home allen theaters experience.…