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Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Movie 2020

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Movie 2020 World At Universal Studios, Florida

Have you seen the new Harry Potter world at Universal Studios yet?

It is simply fantastic! It’s well worth the wait and the price. If you are a fan of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Movie 2020, or even if you have just seen one movie or read just one of the seven books, you have to see the new Harry Potter world.
The ride through the Hogwarts Castle is by far the highlight of the entire theme park. In a single word, it’s “Awesome!”. Once you step through the castle doors, the adventure begins. It’s like stepping into the world of Harry Potter itself.
Even though you still have a half hour of waiting in line, once you step inside the doors, the entire maze is set up with fascinating sights, scenes, and presentations all the way up to the actual ride itself. My daughter (who turned 19 while we were there) and I both wished the line would actually move slower through the castle so we have more time to fully absorb all the sights.
As you step through the very realistic castle, you will encounter intriguing specimen jars, clips and holograms on screens that look like real characters from the movies, statues, passageways, the potions room, the mirror that shows you what you want most… it’s all there.
The moving and talking paintings talk about you between themselves as you process through the hallway, and the “fat lady” responsible for opening the doors actually talks to you. The Sorting Hat that decides which house you will join (i.e., Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin) actually moves, talks, and looks just like the one in the movie.
The Hogwarts Castle is located at the very back of the Universal Studios Islands of Adventure theme park. Before you get to the castle, you have to walk through the entire town of Hogsmead which is like taking a step right into the movies themselves.

Harry Potter World

Immediately after passing through the entry gate to the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Movie 2020 World, you will see the Hogwarts Express train on the right. Then you will pass by the Honeydukes candy store, Zonkos magic tricks shop, the wand shop, the “3 Broomsticks” and the “Hogshead Pub”. And don’t miss the huge, orange Butter Beer tanker in the middle of the street; the butter beer has a wonderful sweet, buttery flavor with a delectable white head added to it.
Honeydukes has hundreds of types of unique candy including the chocolate frogs… although I didn’t see any of them jump out the box and crawl out the window as it did in the first Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Movie 2020. They also have the “every flavor beans” for the brave jelly bean lover. And you should look for the “ear” phones hanging from the ceiling in Zonkos.
Of course, the castle is located past the town on top a huge mountainous rock… just like in the over the top movie… and it’s fascinating just to stand there and observe all the detail in architecture of the castle itself. A great place to see it and take pictures is on the exit ramp from the Dueling Dragons roller coaster. When you see the castle, notice the turret, that has 3-tiered turret coming out of the side of it. Don’t you just wonder what such an architecture would look like from the inside… or how it would be used… in real life?
It’s truly a fascinating twist on theme parks. Every Harry Potter fan should see it!…


Movie Brenden Theaters


A Collection of Movie Brenden Theaters at the University District of Seattle

If you are a new comer to the University district of Seattle then let me remind you that the place is one of the most happening ones where you can find hell lot of unique things starting with vintage clothing to used book shops, 24X7 tea stalls, and a collection of great movie Brenden Theaters. It can be rightly called the art house theater district as you find five of the movie theaters scattered within a five block radius.
Seven Gables stands at 50th and Roosevelt, atop an Italian restaurant. A Cinema Bookstore, it has single screening every three weeks capturing the best of the art house aesthetic. It gives full due to the films which doesn’t get screened nationwide but are good in more ways than one.

Theater to View Some Classics

At the University corner and on the 50th too, is the Grand Illusion. You can head into this Brenden Theaters to view some classics. Though small, it is cozy enough with a coffee shop to give you that extra bit of a relaxed feel.
Guild 45th is a little away from Seattle’s U-District and is towards Wallingford. Two separate Brenden Theaters located across each other on the street make Guild. If you cannot catch a film soon after its release, then you can just head to one of them, as they cater to a broader audience and keep the films running for a couple of weeks.
Fortunately for the Seattle’s movie buffs, Metro Theater is its only multiplex. You can catch an eclectic mix of home releases, foreign films and new releases here. There are eight plus screens to appeal the crowds in a relaxing fervor. You have several films to choose from and that’s the fun!
Neptune is considered as the premiere of the lot. Old by decades it is a landmark in Seattle’s history. Neptune Theater is single screen and usually hosts big releases of the film industry. Located on the 45th and Broadway, it is more popular with the locals favoring a big release. It hosts advanced screenings, and other directorial workouts and proudly features as the venue for world premieres and International Film Festival.
Just across the University Bookstore is the Varsity Theater. It features foreign films, on a regular basis of which more than half are overseas films. So you know where to go for new Japanese or Indian flicks. ThisĀ allen theaters mostly caters to the University student crowd.…