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What Goes Behind the Best Movies Ever?

What Goes Behind the Best Movies Ever?

In order to ascertain the list of best movies ever, it is quite a task at hand. Since everyone has his or her opinion on what qualifies and quantifies as the best, movie makers seek various methods to propel their productions to the A list. Other than having well-recognized faces on board to form the cast and crew, a great movie theme song is also an essential ingredient. Even though people may forget the storyline and faces, a great song is there to stay in the mind. By humming a few familiar bars, the viewer is automatically transported to a certain point in his memory bank. This is why movies employ moving songs to tickle the ears and hearts, thus gaining themselves a foothold in the viewer’s list of favorites.

Dissecting further into what makes the best movies ever, certain portions which hold poignant moments are further emphasized. Normally it is the time when the best line or speech is delivered. Other times, the best interaction between the cast which may sport an onscreen kiss, fight scene or some other relevant point. Perhaps focus is placed on the best special, visual or sound effects as the viewers are treated to laser shows and 3D imagery. With the recent introduction of 3D movies, movie goers are given an adrenaline rush as they don the special but odd-looking eyewear to see the movie reach out to them.

To produce a blockbuster of a movie theme, the screenwriters knit the scenery, atmosphere, cast and emotion into a giant blanket. Complemented with musical interludes, it forms the heart of the movie. Marketing campaigns are further boosted by attractive and meaningful posters. Having a supportive and talented crew on board is equally important as the background units make the foreground teams look and sound good. That probably explains why movies roll such long credits at the end.

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