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Russia Tourist Spots and Tourist Attractions Paragon Theaters

Russia offers exotic beauty, great weather, and several places of attractions for its tourists. The place has been a hot spot for years mainly because of the historic monuments, cultural sites, museums, and ports. Russian evenings would offer you a memorable experience as you enter the restaurants, ballrooms, Paragon Theaters t, and bars.
This Russian vacation with your family will not be complete without your children knowing about its history showcased in the Tretyakov Gallery of Moscow. The gallery not only represents the rich cultural heritage of the country but also is the treasure trove of Russian past.

The Natural Attractions

The natural attractions of the country include the national parks, gardens, and lakes. Lake Baikal is among the top Russia tourist spot that ranks among the best natural wonders of the world. It is also one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. This deep-water lake features a beautiful surrounding, home to many migratory birds every year. The Volga River is another natural Russian tourist spot and the largest river in Europe.
Among the important cities that you can visit, Moscow, Vladivostok and the Golden Ring cities are the most prominent ones. Moscow is home to many prehistoric buildings, administrative offices, parks, art galleries, and Paragon Theaters. The cities northeast of Moscow form the Golden Ring. They include the following:


Sergiyev Posad




Rostov Velikiy






Historical monuments in Russia are the government buildings and the administrative offices. The Kremlin is one such structure Paragon Theaters in Russia that stands between the Red Square and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Kremlin consists of four churches, citadels, and Kremlin Towers. It is the official residence of President of Russia. St Basil’s Cathedral is the Russian Orthodox Church named after St Basil, interred in the cathedral premises. It remained the tallest structure of the country until the Great Bell Tower was built in 1600. Also read the following article allen theaters.

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