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The Cinema From My Living Room

The Cinema From My Living Room

For some years now, my friends and I gather for a movie night every Wednesday. At the beginning, we had to choose the movie and the cinema and that took us about a week to decide, basically the time between the nights.

One day, one of my friends bought a cool 40” HD TV and for a few weeks, the movies looked great on his set. Then another friend purchased a home cinema system and we all moved to his house for the movies. A month or so, one of the guys invited us to watch the football game at his house. When we arrived, we discovered that his TV was gone; actually, it was just moved and the wall was covered with a white screen. Some anxious people later, our friend turned on the projector. Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you what it was like to watch the game on a big wall!

Watching the news at my place, it made me look closer to my TV and all other devices. I remembered my friends’ acquisitions and how much I liked them. Then I decided it’s time for shopping. Not just an item, but I thought a movie night at my place deserves the whole equipment.

I know they went to stores and looked for the best offers; I just didn’t like the idea of wandering around the city. Fortunately, the man’s best friend – the internet- revealed some amazing offers. In fact, there are websites that put together all the clearances around the country. And a lower price only means that I can get myself new quality electronics for less money.

Electronics are always ‘this season’ so I started to look for some hot devices with great prices. And that’s how I got a home cinema system with 30% off; my new TV had an amazing 40% discount. One thing led to another and now I am setting my new projector as well, that I found with 37% less. If you want to know about the quality, ask my friends. They decided we’ll watch all the movies and games at my place!…

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Newborn Baby Filming Tips

Newborn Baby Filming Tips

Parenting is equally essential as preserving the memory of your newborn and you need a good quality movie to be able to get good quality pictures. And to shoot a great movie, you need to have a really good camera with the best features. Buying a camcorder that can suit your purpose is a great challenge as there are several brands in the market with equally different price tags. But the key elements are the features that have to be top drawer for getting a good shoot of your baby.

Check YouTube

Planning is the most important part of filming your newborn as it keeps even professional photographers on tenterhooks. To get a hang of how to photograph babies, you can check out some of the excellent videos displayed on YouTube. You can watch endless footages of funny videos of newborns in various moods and the sounds would come on in perfectly. You can preserve the film for ages and show them around to your kids when they grow up.

Share them

Capturing precious moments of newborns are becoming increasingly popular and becoming an essential part of parenting as well the world over. With the development in technology, it has become easier to film a newborn and make a movie out of it that you can share with other family members, friends and relatives. There are several social networking sites that can be used for uploading the video for everyone to watch.

Shoot in proper light

Among the tips that you need for getting a good film done with a camcorder is the lighting of your shot. Take care to shoot in proper lighting or else, you will end up with grainy pictures. The best way to overcome poor lighting is to shoot outdoors which can provide the right conditions even on a cloudy day. Check out the light and your best bet would be to shoot very early in the morning or late in the afternoon for getting the best results.

Mount on a tripod

There are tripods that are available for $30 and you can use them to mount your camcorder. It secures your camera and you can also perform artistic pans and zooms and include your self as well during the shoot. Do not rely on the digital image stabilization feature as it lowers the video resolution. If you are shooting indoors, open the blinds and allow enough light to stream in. You can also turn on the overhead lights and lamps and also use a shoe mounted light if required.

Avoid digital zoom

Do not use digital zoom as it again would give a grainy video. By increasing the digital zoom level, the cam will crop to the center of the image making the remaining portion extremely large. Your best bet would be to turn off the digital zoom from inside the menu system of your camera. Instead, you can go for the optical zoom that relies on the lens for magnification and rely more on your feet as expert photographers will tell you for filming your newborn.…

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Top 10 Misquoted Movie Lines

Top 10 Misquoted Movie Lines

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” or “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” These are lines from movies. People may not even know they are repeating movie quotes. They have simply heard these movie lines so often in casual conversation that the movie quotes become part of everyday speech.

But movie quotes are frequently misquoted.

An example is, “We don’t need no stinking badges!” A lot of people quote that line but they may have no idea that it’s from the 1948 movie “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.” When a group of Mexican bandits who say they are “federales” corner Humphrey Bogart behind some rocks, Bogey asks to see their badges to prove they really are “federales.” That’s when the leader of the bandits says the famous line. But he doesn’t say, “We don’t need no stinking badges!” What he actually says is, “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!”

To further embed this misquote into the public consciousness, Mel Brooks brilliantly spoofs it in his 1975 movie “Blazing Saddles.” Corrupt politician Hedley Lamarr rounds up all kinds of ruffians to attack the town of Rock Ridge. Included are some Mexican bandits. When Hedley signs them up, he wants to give them badges, and they say, “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!” Since that movie used the “misquoted” quote, it is technically not a misquote, but it is if you go back to the original movie.

Another example of a misquoted movie line is, “We have ways of making you talk.” This quote pops up in everyday conversation, but the actual line from the 1935 movie “The Lives of a Bengal Lancer” is, “We have ways to make men talk.”

So why do movie quotes get twisted into a misquote that is then thought to be the actual quote? That’s the mystery. Perhaps the altered, often shorter version of the original movie quote just has a better ring to it!

So here are my Top 10 Misquoted Movie Lines, in no particular order.

“Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

REAL QUOTE: “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!” Alfonso Bedoya as “Gold Hat”

MOVIE: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

“Play it again, Sam.”

REAL QUOTE: “If she can stand it, I can. Play it!” Humphrey Bogart as “Rick Blaine”

MOVIE: Casablanca (1942)

“Why don’t you come up and see me sometime?”

REAL QUOTE: “Why don’t you come up sometime ‘n see me.” Mae West as “Lady Lou”

MOVIE: She Done Him Wrong (1933)

“Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”

REAL QUOTE: “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.” Oliver Hardy as “Oliver”

MOVIE: Another Fine Mess (1930)

“Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?”

REAL QUOTE: “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?” Dustin Hoffman as “Benjamin Braddock”

MOVIE: The Graduate (1967)

“Me Tarzan, you Jane.”

REAL QUOTE: “Jane. Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan.” Johnny Weissmuller as “Tarzan”

MOVIE: Tarzan The Ape Man (1932)

“Smile when you call me that!”

REAL QUOTE: “If you want to call me that, smile.” Gary Cooper as “The Virginian”

MOVIE: The Virginian (1929)

“We have ways of making you talk.”

REAL QUOTE: “We have ways to make men talk.” Douglas Dumbrille as “Mohammed Khan”

MOVIE: The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935)

“Luke, I am your father.”

REAL QUOTE: “No, I am your father.” James Earl Jones voicing “Darth Vader”

MOVIE: Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille”

REAL QUOTE: “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.” Gloria Swanson as “Norma Desmond”

MOVIE: Sunset Boulevard (1950)…

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Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 Movie Review

Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 Movie Review

Ever since I was in the sixth grade, I have fought against a curious orthodoxy. It seems that roughly half the American population staunchly believes that Cuteness and Smallness are synonymous. Baby shoes? adorable. Bibs? Precious. Little Tykes plastic chairs? Don’t even get them started.

I have never been satisfied with their reasoning. While I fully acknowledge that most babies are cute enough (mine are, anyway), I cannot go so far as to say that every possession they own is adorable. “But they make you think of the baby,” I was always told. The arguments were delivered with passion and conviction.

Certainly, if my old classmates were with me now, they would all be raving about the micro movie stars, Alvin & the Chipmunks. We all sat through the cartoon many years ago, and now the have, uh, graced us at the Box Office. Again. Are they precious? No, sir, they are not. They are rodents who sing in high voices. Last I heard, there was a different term used for that: annoying.

I went to watch Alvin & The Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel by myself in the middle of the day. You can imagine my deep shame in pronouncing the words “One for the Chipmunks…” My voice trailed off. I slumped in my chair, afraid I might be noticed by a four year old wondering why the creepy man was watching the movie without his kids. When the film started, I hardly cared anymore. All i knew is that I was in pain.

The Chipmunks “Squeakquel” was the opposite of cute. The music is unoriginal and maddening, and the voice-actors are completely unrecognizable, since their voices are sped up anyway. The plot is simple enough: Alvin, Simon and Theodore go to school, become popular, and meet their future lady friends, the Chipettes, who become just as popular. The two trios must face off in front of the student body to decide which band will represent the school in a larger battle of the bands event. The only problem is, Alvin is too immersed in his own popularity to care what happens to his brothers.

The Chipmunks is not a great film, nor a good film, nor a decent film. No, it is simply annoying. Have there been other movies as irritating as this one? Sure there have. But those ones are rarely defended. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore always get doted on by hovering fans who think they are just too precious. Why? Because they are little. Just like paper clips, sticker burs, swine flu, hearing aides, buggers, rats, and all manner of feces. I trust I have made my point.…

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List of Ways to Save Money While Going to Watch Movies – Part 1

List of Ways to Save Money While Going to Watch Movies – Part 1

We all love going to theatres to watch the latest blockbusters. But, we also need to keep a check on our Personal finances at the same time, and be sure not to overspend. Here we discuss a small list of ways to save money, while having fun at the same time.

1) An easy way to save money when you go out for watching movies is – Try to eat something before you leave home, as this will eliminate the need to make impulse buying for food items. Moreover, since you are already full, so you will buy less of food / drinks and will just sit relaxed while watching the movies.

2) Another point which is related to the above idea, is that you can bring your own food to the theatre. But do make sure that they allow this. If they do, then you can enjoy the movie, eat your preferred food and also your personal finances will not be strained. This can prove to be a very easy way to save money.

3) If you are not able to eat before leaving home / are not able to bring your own food into the theatre, then try to look out for “Best Value Deals”. You might just get lucky and save money ….. wish you best of luck…

4) Try to go to the movies in the afternoon, these shows generally offer discount movie tickets as compared to the late night shows. The reason is that, at night, more people are free from tensions regarding jobs, Business & Money, and want to relax, So there is more crowd during night shows. So, some times, the movie ticket prices are high for night shows. This can be an easy way to save money if you can reschedule your movie timings to afternoon shows.

5) If you can, then try to wait for around a month to watch a new movie. When new movies are released in theatres, there is a lot of excitement and a lot of people are coming to watch the movie, so movie tickets can be a bit overpriced also. But, after about a month or so, they can revert back to lesser prices. So, you can save money if you can wait for some time and go to the theatres later.

I Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. As always, comments are Welcome and Encouraged. Cheers……

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Fashion Style

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Fashion Style

My favourite star of all time would have to be Elizabeth Taylor. To be sassy, bold, confident and passionate like her, is to my mind, the epitome of womanhood). For me, the most famous image throughout her long history in the movies, would be her sultry look, wearing the satin slip-dress and leaning on the door frame, in the movie ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’.

Unbelievably, there are only 3 outfits in the whole of the movie and each time I watch this film, I start searching on EBAY for chiffon, white dress or a pencil skirt.

The famous and brilliant costume designer, Helen Rose, is the hero that was responsible for these simply elegant, classic and memorable styles.

Elizabeth Taylor’s emotional strength was inspirational, especially since she made the movie after the tragic death of her beloved husband, Mike Todd in an air crash. Helen Rose had been by her side throughout the making of the movie, and their relationship grew stronger through this bond, leading to the successful moulding of the movie star into an icon- Elizabeth Taylor. Their long career included other collaborations, such as ‘Butterfield 8’.

‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ certainly made our Liz the main focus. Wearing a short sleeved, cotton shirt and a skin tight, pencil linen skirt, with a figure-hugging belt, she made sure that she was noticed in that movie.

To play opposite the ultra electrifying Paul Newman must have been quite a challenge, since Paul’s presence could certainly steal the limelight from lots of other female stars – but, our Liz certainly held her own. Each time I play the movie, my eyes are always drawn to her, however much I love Paul, he just has to take a back seat.

In that movie, Liz had never been more beautiful, she was such a devastatingly stunning woman. With her curvaceous figure and Helen Rose’s expert tailoring, the simple but classic outfits show just what perfection can be created. The simple shirt and the pencil skirt is expertly highlighted with the Hermes orange-hue leather belt – simplicity in its perfection.

The second outfit is her more famous pose, leaning on the door frame in her white slip-dress, expertly tailored around her curves. How can her husband not have noticed her? Any normal woman would show lumps and bumps with such a shiny satin slip – not our Liz, every part fitted to perfection.

The final outfit was a dress that Helen Rose had fought hard for. The studio had preferred a more plain, cotton dress. The result of Helen Rose’s victory was most stunning: a simple Grecian wrap, around sculpting cuts, with the expert pleating being one of the most copied looks of design history. The white chiffon dress was later produced to be accessible to the women of the world, and aptly called, ‘The Cat’.…

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The Reader – A Film Reflection

“The Reader” – A Film Reflection

I have been haunted by my memories of “The Reader” since viewing it recently. There is very good reason that Kate Winslet ran away with a 2009 Academy Award for her role as Hanna Schmitz, a woman harboring a secret Nazi past while conducting a summer love affair with a fifteen-year-old boy. Winslet is enthralling in this role. While on the surface, one could condemn Schmitz’s actions, there are too many layers in this emotional human drama to make it merely black and white.

David Kross plays the young man with almost equal agility as Winslet; his character, Michael Berg, never really has the chance to peel those layers away. Flashbacks with the incomparable Ralph Fiennes as the adult Michael, show that he has struggled throughout his lifetime with how his summer tryst defined him, with no clear resolution, as Hanna simply vanished at summer’s end.

Water plays a big role in this film. It is storming on the first day the boy meets the woman, as he cowers, retching from an oncoming bout with Scarlet Fever, in the alcove of her building. She comes to his aid, washing his vomit from the ground with a pail of water. Several weeks later when his illness has ebbed, he brings her a bouquet to thank her for her help. She tells him to fetch some coal for her in the basement; when he returns, covered in coal dust, she runs him a bath. Their affair has now been set inextricably in motion.

He is a bright young man who gains confidence from his dalliance with the woman. One does not think of him as “under age” except during a two-day bicycle excursion on which he has convinced her to join him, when the two of them order lunch. In the naked light of the day, it seems to their waitress that they are mother and son. When she comments as he is paying that “I hope your mother enjoyed her meal,” he says “Yes, very much” (out of earshot of Hanna). Then he goes to Hanna and kisses her on the lips.

Perhaps Hanna would have sent Michael away after their first sexual encounter, but once he starts reading to her, she is addicted. He has no idea she does not know how to read, or much else about her for that matter. It is when he begins to study law, years after the summer affair, when sitting in on a trial, that he discovers the truth about Hanna.

Where it would take the typical actor 20 minutes of soliloquy, Winslet and Fiennes can each portray thoughts and feelings in a gesture or facial expression. Also, the make-up people on this film are to be commended for aging them so impeccably, as the story begins in 1958 and finishes in 1995. A haunting glimpse into the the psyches of two people in post-war Germany, that makes “Summer of ’42” seem flippant in comparison.

Fiennes, Winslet and Kross work wonderfully together.…

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Clash of the Titans Gets a C+

Clash of the Titans Gets a C+

I was under the impression that the only reason someone would re-make a movie or story line that had been made previously was because they felt as if they could improve upon what had been done before. So, when I heard about a re-telling of Clash of the Titans, I assumed that they were going to put a new spin on it and try to improve upon the thirty year old classic. I mean, given all that they can do now-a-days in visual effects, the idea of an incredibly realistic Medusa and Kraken is exciting and should be awesome, right???

I am a huge fan of the original Clash of the Titans. It might be because of my age at the time it came out, 6, and the fact that it really was a great film to spark the imagination of a kid. Also, the visual effects at the time were quite effective and it showed Ray Harryhausen’s work at its best. When I heard a retelling of this classic was in the works, I thought that this was one story that could use a nice upgrade. Granted, the cast was pretty top-notch, and the effects were cool for its time, but it was going to be interesting to see the Greek mythological world updated with today visual effects. Now that I have seen it, I can say that while it was entertaining enough and had some cool scenes, the film overall paled in comparison with the original and had a climax that was less than satisfying.

I’m sure most of you know the basic story is about Perseus, the mortal son of Zeus, who denies his birthright of becoming a god himself to live among the mortals. He is raised by a fisherman and his family and who raises him as their own. The family is then killed by Hades as a war erupts between the gods and humanity. Perseus then seeks vengeance for the death of his family and goes on a quest to defeat the Kraken, Hades’ pet monster, and in turn overthrow Hades’ attempt to overtake Zeus as the supreme god of them all. Granted, this is fairly different from the original story line as Hades was not in the movie what so ever and Perseus wanted to defeat the Kraken in order to save his love Andromeda.

One thing that I did like more about this film is that the story of the gods themselves is told including the back story of Io, Medusa, Poseidon, Zeus and Hades. They also do a very good job of building up to the climactic battle with the Kraken. The big problem I had with the film is the fact that they build up to the final battle goes on for a good hour and forty five minutes, then when the Kraken appears on the screen, the battle lasts all of five minutes. Why have such a build up to the end of the movie only to make it shorter than other sequences in the film? Also, why even have Hades in this version but not have he and Zeus battle it out with one another?

All in all, I would recommend this film to anyone that enjoyed the original. In fact, some people may even like this one more. I however have very fond memories of the original and this version did nothing to overtake the first film in my heart. I did not see the 3D version as I heard a great many complaints about how terrible the conversion was. How about you guys? Anyone out there see it in 3D? What did you think? Let me know!!


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Robot Movie

Robot Movie

Robot (Hindi film) is promising its audience that it is a different movie. Robot has already come in Tamil and has had good success (it goes by the name Endhiran in Tamil). The graphics used in Robot will be liked by many Indians. With Rajni in the film the graphics of Robot will look much flashy as the stunts will be done by the master of style.

With the style of Rajnikant and the hot and sizzling Ash the movie looks much promising after getting the added benefit of having a wonderful music composer: A.R. Rahman. If you are a music lover go around and search for some Robot music and give the taste of music paradise to your ears.

There is still a lot more to add to the bells and whistles of Robot. The movie has a few stunt directors and also animation experts who have worked with great Hollywood movies like Avataar and King Kong. With style superking Rajni as a robot the movie is definitely going to be a super hit.

Aishwarya is said to have designed the wardrobe herself for Robot. This time Ash is giving much attention to the clothing stuff for Robot and is making sure that she gets the right set of clothes to set the audience of Robot on fire with her hot gesture

The only problem might be the body language. If you think so you are wrong: both the lead actors of Robot are professional actors and have not had to fight with much body language issues.

Another reason why people are so excited about this movie is the stunts part of it. There will be unimaginable stunts in Robot with the South Indian superstar Rajni running all around the silver screen. Like it or not but Robot has got everything in it to become a superstar. You may also like to sneak into Robot movie review. Do take a look at the song Mohenjodaro from Robot, people are loving it!

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Avatar the Movie – What is Its Message?

Avatar the Movie – What is Its Message?

Avatar was an incredible fantasy about an amazing reality. I saw the movie Avatar last night. I had heard so many things about it, from many people. But when I saw it, it was amazingly different than I had imagined. The reason for that I believe is that the message in the movie was so subtle, it allowed each one of us to interpret it depending on where we are on our journey of evolution.

The movie is spiritual. It is a thriller. It is an action movie, a violent movie and it is a fairy tale. And it is ingenious and magnificent.

The elements of the movie were basically formula. We had the down-trodden( the Na’vis), we had heroes ( the Avatars), the villain ( the US army) and a tender love story. The obvious truth about it is the greed and lack of concern for human life and the sacredness of all life in the Universe, that we exhibit on our planet. That was portrayed too well for my liking.

This movie is about the connectedness of all life. The scientists know today that we are all part of an energy force that exists everywhere all the time. The vibrating molecules that make up the earth and the Universe are all part of what some people call God. The Na’vis called their Deity Eywa. It seems that entities of Pandora are much more connected to and aware of their spiritual connection.

The people on our earth, however, are continually in lack and limitation and in order for them to feel secure and happy, they must have more of everything. That translates into money. Money was represented in the form of a valuable rock, which lay beneath the civilization of Na’vis, in the roots of a gigantic tree. This Hometree was physically connected to everything on their moon through a network like the electric network of our brain.

Today, scientists and quantum physicians, believe that we are all connected through our energy molecules. Everything on our planet is part of these molecules including our intelligence. So why are we willing to destroy to attain something that we already possess? What part of our human psych will not allow us to know the real truth of our being?

The moral of the story was that good always prevails. The energy of good is always more powerful than the energy of bad. If we thought better of ourselves, we would always be in the energy of good. In the energy of good, we would know that our earth provides abundance for all.…