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JLS Facts

JLS Facts

JLS facts are not hard to come by seeing as the band was established in a public manner via the television show, The X Factor.

JLS stands for Jack the Lad Swing and consists of four members. Aston Merrygold was born on the 13th February 1988, Marvin Hume was born on the 18th March 1985, Jonathan “JB” Gill was born on the 7th December 1986, and Orits?� Williams was born on the 27th November 1986.

The formation of the band is the result of Orits?� deciding to get involved with the music industry as a member of a boy band due to his mother suffering from multiple sclerosis. His ambition was to raise money to help find a cure of the disease. Orits?� initially wanted to be a part of an existing band but was not satisfied with the groups he found as he wanted a band that had a close bond. As a result of his dissatisfaction, he decided to create his own band.

Orits?� met with Marvin through friends, and soon after, Aston joined the band, with JB being the final member, who was welcomed by the others because of his strong ‘musical ear.’ JB is often considered the ‘harmoniser’ of the group because of his vocal ability.

The foursome, now known as JLS was originally called UFO, standing for Unique Famous Outrageous. They received raved reviews before being signed by a major record label. In 2007, they were awarded for Best Unsigned Act at the Urban Music Awards under their previous name, UFO.

JLS, still known as UFO, auditioned for The X Factor show in 2008, where they changed their name to the now widely know JLS after the name UFO had already been taken by another group. The guys were a quick favourite with the judges, considered to be the winning act by Simon Cowell after performing the Rihanna smash hit song “Umbrella.” The band made it to the final but was beaten by Alexandra Burke who got to perform with Beyonce Knowles on the night. Although the band came in second place, they were already firmly in the public eye and were swiftly given a recording deal by Epic Records in January 2009.

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In July 2009, the JLS debut single “Beat Again” was released, which reach number 1 on the Official UK Singles Chart, with an album that shortly followed. JLS concert dates were soon released with thousands of tickets being snapped up by fans who till this day remain loyal to the band.

After only a few short years in the public eye, the band are loved by millions of fans across the country, with more people – namely teenage girls – following the band’s career dedicatedly. Their second album, “Outta This World” has seen demand for JLS Tickets soar, with fans wanting to see them perform their rave review dance sequences. Recently, the band announced the release of the JLS 3D Concert Movie title “Eyes Wide Open,” which is being shown simultaneously across cinemas nationwide in June. A “JLS ticket” to this concert movie screening is treasured by fans leading the boy band to grow their fan base with amazing reviews from both fans and critics.

JLS are said to be working on their third album, which is predicted to garner an even bigger fan base, with JLS concert tickets set to be a high commodity when news of new JLS tour dates are released.