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Harry Potter Movie 2020

Harry Potter Movie 2020 – A Must for Muggles?

Now that the last of the eight Harry Potter Movie 2020 films has been completed, legions of fans have no doubt been left despondent at the thought that this could be the end of the road for their world of wizarding adventures.
Fortunately, Warner Brothers have realised that they have at their fingertips an opportunity to let the magic continue. From Spring 2012 they will be opening up many of the film’s sets and studios for an official “Making of Harry Potter” studio tour, allowing fans to discover behind-the-scenes secrets of how the films were created and how many of their supernatural characters were brought to life.
Fans of the young wizard and his comrades are supposedly among the most die-hard followers you can get, so it’s no surprise that Muggles around the UK and indeed the world are jumping at the chance to see and even touch the actual sets and props used in the Harry Potter over the top movie.
The studios are based on the site of a former aircraft factory just outside of London, and preparations are currently underway to reassemble them into a walk-through exhibition featuring authentic sets, props and costumes from the films.

Elements of The Films

Although some elements of the films were shot on location, the re-constructed sets that visitors can look forward to seeing will include the cupboard under the stairs at the Dursleys’ house, Dumbledore’s book-lined office, the Ministry of Magic and various rooms from Hogwarts School.
The magnificent Great Hall will be the centrepiece of the tour; originally filmed at Christ Church College, Oxford, where indeed many scenes in the film are located, the Great Hall has been replicated in the studios as a part of a bid to recreate the world that Harry Potter Movie 2020 fans will have grown to know and love.
As well as visiting the sets, fans will also get to view some of the hundreds of containers which are filled with articles and props from the films, created over the course of a decade. It is rumoured that even die-hard devotees will be amazed to realise just how much attention to detail went into bringing the sets to life.
Many of the props used in the films were, contrary to popular assumption, created as actual physical items rather than relying on computer-generated imagery, which goes some way to showing just how much behind-the-scenes skill was required to create the spectacle. Visitors will also receive the opportunity to discover first-hand how the various magical creatures of the films were created in the studios’ workshops.
Tickets for the studio tours are on sale now and the tour itself opens its doors in March 2012. It is hoped that, when development is completed, the power and detail of the settings will cause fans to feel that they have actually stepped inside the world of Harry Potter Movie 2020, and really experience the magic of this world for themselves.

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