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Create a Fantasy Factory Fortunes Folder

Create a Fantasy Factory Fortunes Folder

Writers of fantasy genre movie writers are demanded to deliver fantastical concepts on a drop of a hat. With no time to actually fantasize. But most of them have a treasure trove of ideas concepts and characters. Here I summarize a few points which might help you to enjoy fantasy writing and deliver on unimaginable deadlines.

Fantasy movie writers are usually thought to be specialists and indeed they are. They imagine a world whose natural rules are also imagined. They let their imagination go far and wide and tame it with their own discipline set creative rules and their limitations and exploit them later to create the ebb and flow of the audience experience.

To be able to deliver individual briefs on time it is a good habit to have a register in which the writer keeps adding fantasy characters, ideas, concepts, notes on story, possible market, and rating them as most prepared to least prepared. which sub genre the concept comes under. Does it come under different sub genre. Does the idea has legs as in what level of potentiality exists in the concept or idea or story.

As a fantasy writing expert you are expected to come up with a product of a high quality in limited amount of time, so keeping an up to date organized fantasy factory folder is a one place to find all your fantastic fantasies available at your finger tips to use as and when required.

As detailed as organized and as thick your fantasy factory folder you maintain for your own pleasure of writing fantasy, you will find yourself that much more prepared and in sync with the market demand.

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Some day if your work is appreciated to a certain level, the fantasy factory folder could it self become a fortune.